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I am very upset with an employee at your walmart in logan ohio. I was in there doing school shopping and on a clearance rack I found a pair of jeans marked at 2 dollars.

Unfortunately that was the only pair so I took them. I did also buy other jeans as well. I went to check out and this young boy had to have someone to over ride it. The lady said she had to see if it was the correct price first.

She came back and told me I couldn't have them because someone put that sticker on there. She went on to tell me how people do that to try to get it cheaper. After her making me feel like I had done that I told her if she was accusing me of that because if she was she was way off base and I didn't appreciate it. She told me she could tell that some e done it.

I took a picture of the tag and sticker and will send it to you. You are not going to get that sticker off without tearing it. I have never been so mad, upset and humiliated. That sticker was place on there with your pricing gun.

No rips or tears at all. I was then told because I had other jeans, she told me if anymore was priced like that I was not getting them. Altho I was so mad I didn't get her name, this happened Monday around 11. She was a short older woman with short hair and I'm sure she's not hard to find since she can over ride stuff.

I honestly want to return all these clothes and get a refund.

I've called your corp office and I haven't got a response . You can reach me at 740-707-7410

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You have to understand, customers switching price tags on merchandise happens everyday, all day at Walmart. If they honored the price for you, they would have to do it for everyone and that would be a financial disaster and lead to even more price-switching.

Benicia, California, United States #1197309

Funny referring to someone most likely 18 or over as "boy" when your spelling is terrible. Not only that you cannot even use simple logic that even a five year old would be able to use.

Obviously someone placed the sticker there themselves, and yeah, thieves are clever and can carefully remove the sticker themselves and neatly put it on. Even a five year old would be able to figure otu this happened. She never once blamed you. I hope you got mommy's permission before posting your phone number online.

You do know this is a public forum right? Where is this so called proof where you have pictures of the sticker?

to Not_the_0P #1197764

18 year old is a boy.

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