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I had a horrible experience with Walmart in Nebraska yesterday store was 5033 managers name was Nate wouldn't give last name. My son was traveling home from Colorado had very little money and had a tire blow out.

When he got there he was told he needed two. Granted the other one was cry low on tread but the employee went so far as to tell him it wouldn't make it 300 miles. Cords were NOT showing. So after getting him to pay for two with all the money he had left to get home and I mean he literally was stranded there.

He calls me and explains the situation. I talk to the assistant manager Jeremy and ask if I can give a cc over the phone he tells me no it's company policy I then ask to speak to the store manager Nathan he tells me the same thing. I ask if the can show a little compassion for a kid trying to get home and he says sorry company policy. But o can do Walmart to Walmart.

If I want to travel 20 miles to my own Walmart. This is 8 at night in Minnesota and I'm in bed because i work the next day. I practically beg him to help still says no. Then I tell him to put back the other tire there is no way your tech can say it won't last three hundred miles if no cords are showing.

Finally he agrees and my son makes it home the next day. Guess what his tire is still intact. I am so disappointed in the lack of compassion for a kid who's stranded. I am in the automotive field and we do everything we can to help a traveler out.

When he called his regional manager to get the ok to put the old tire on I can't believe the regional manager couldn't have made an exception in this case and taken my card.

My son was scared all the way home that his other tire was gonna blow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you put "Saint Paul, Mn", then that is where the location of the incident should be. Don't tag your review with one location when it is actually another location.