Yonkers, New York
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I tried to return a gift I got from work cause it wouldnt work on my phone..I spent a week trying to make it work and even reset my phone..so after work I spent an hour trying to either make it work on my phone or give me a refund..they said i could buy a 100 phone and he could make it work what the heck...the store manager was a b*** even though she said sorry she couldn't do it in a *** way..I swear I don't care how much it costs im going somewhere else.every time I go in there they *** me off..and I'm a very easy person to get along with..so now I'm stuck with a 200 fit bit I can't even use. ..thanx for screwing me over again Wal-Mart.

.and y'all really suck about who u hire...

friendlyness is the key to a good business. ...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I bet you dont even know how to spell Fitbit its not Fit Bit but Fitbit I think you dont speak English and used google to translate


I am sure that the manager got smart with you because you got smart first.