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I was in a Walmart in Tallahassee with my family tonight and the cashier was so nice and chatty to the customer in front of us and before she started checking us out was chatting with the woman behind us. She did not say ONE word to my family and I.

Not hi or anything else. She never even told us what the total was or how much our change was. The entire time she was checking us out she kept her head averted so as not to have to look in our direction. Thew cashier was African American and my family is white.

I'm filing a complaint with the corporate office, which will be the second time that my family has been treated like this. I smiled at the cashier and my 13 year old daughter said hello and she looked coldly at both of us and went back to staring away from us. This is highly unprofessional and inexcusable. My family will not be shopping at ANY Walmart again because this type of behavior is unacceptable.

I teach my children to look at how someone is in the inside and not the color of their skin. Maybe Walmart should do a better job of teaching the grown people that work that same lesson. I'm going to write to every member of the corporate office until I have some satisfactory resolution to this situation.

If this was the first time it had happened I would let it go, however, my family is treated like this by probably 95% of the African American cashiers and employees in the Walmart stores. I will no longer be shopping at Walmart because simply put, I'm tired of explaining to my 13 year old why these people are so rude to her when she isn't to them.

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Tallahassee, Florida, United States #1318397

Most of Tallahassee Walmart cashiers are black. You can't tell me this is the only race that applies for a job there, yet it is the majority race hired there.

You can't tell me that management is not able to be aware of this and manage said behavior. Talk about #turningablindeye. I agree many female AA employees there seem to be racist. Also, some cashiers are likely bitter that they are behind that register as a career and not a stepping stone job.

Life choices!

I was a cashier at Walmart in college and treated ALL of my customers with care and a smile, no matter that I made minimum wage, how loudly their baby screamed in the cart, or how rude they were. It's called being professional.


second time you post about being discriminated. weird huh


PoSucker, the bad attitude isn't a job qualification. The ability to handle irate or just plain unpleasant customers, screaming ill-behaved children, register breakdowns, and co-worker b.s.

is, however.

Unfortunately some handle it all better than others.

Perfectjen, It could just be that the cashier was familiar with those she had spoken to and so was more comfortable speaking to them. Though I will certainly return a greeting to any customer (or co-worker) who speaks to me I tend to be more chatty to customers who I've had come through my line on a regular basis than with strangers.


How is this a walmart problem? This sounds like more of a black people problem.


So funny... you are in Tallahassee, and I am in another part of the country and it is the same way here as far as WalMart is concerned. I cant say it is a racial thing here, but I often tell people, even the WalMart employees I know, that it must be a job qualification to have a bad attitute.

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