Charleston, South Carolina

June 29,2010 I went to the Walmart down the road from my home and got so upset because of on ly a handful of registers were open. There were 4 clerks among them chasiers, so I said to one of them " you need to open more registers" only to be ignored.

I had 2 items and could not find a line that full. The self service lines were closed so I sat my 2 items and called for the manager, after a waite of about 5 minutes his assistant came. I voiced my complaint.

He did say that was a proble m " I hope you will come again and things will be better" ONLY IN AN EMERGANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charleston sc west ashley store.

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LEARN how to be patient!!


I agree with everyone else here. If this was during busy hours and they had lots of four cashers during an evening or weekend I could understand the complaint, but you waited only five minutes. More considering that you wanted to talk to the manager.


Umm... The amount of cashiers scheduled is how many are on the registers.

You cannot snap your fingers because you don't want to wait and have the CS manager magically open more check-out lanes. Grow up.

Stand in line. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.


around you. Sheesh.

You probably came in when it was slow. Possibly late night since the self check outs are closed. If it were mid day they would have more cashiers for the rush. Have some patience, sooo sorry the world can't move at your pace *rolls eyes* At least they were kind enough to apologize cause of your lack of patience.

. .lame.


I agree, if you cannot wait five minutes it must be a little kid, you obviously were in a rush when you wrote this eltter because you forgot to proofread it or maybe being a little kid you really don't know how to spell "cashiers' it is "cashiers" not chasiers.It is spelled "wait" not waite, it is "problem" not proble m, and it is "emergency" not "emergancy". With your lack of patience and spelling skills my guess is that you are nine years old and no manager is going to take *** from a nine year old who is impatient and has not been taught proper manners by her praents. So buy your Barbie dolls somewhere else because I am sure they don't want you returning without an adult so they don't get sued by your parents if something were to happen to you because your parents let you shop unsupervised at such a young age.


Learn how to be patient you *** ***