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Walmart lost my business four years ago when I attempted to return a Sony desk model stereo. It developed an electronic intermittent problem.

I had the receipts, cancelled check and provided a check statement where they got paid. It had less than 60 - 70 hours of use. The Odessa, Texas store manager at the time wouldn't do the right thing. He said it was greater than 12 months old (it was 14 months).

He brushed off Walmat's responsibility by saying it was Sony, not Walmart that made the defective unit. I'm proud to note Walmart has lost alot of revenue to other retailers over the last four years. I still have the unit in my storage building. I keep it as a reminder of their impersonal policies.

I also like the insurance scam Walmart management was running on their older employees. Company mamangement provided health screening for the older employees (so far, sounds good), then they would take out life insurance on the sicker employees with themselves as the beneficiery. Otherwise, they were betting on these poor soles expiring sooner than later.

Not a surprise, I also saw Walmart lost the gender descrimination lawsuit argued in the Supreme Court today. I haven't forgotten either, Walmart still owes me a Sony desk top stereo.

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I suppose there is a limit to what the return policy to the vendor could be - but heres the other extreme with a similar example - within 2 months of purchasing a Viore cable converter - it suddenly stopped working - I contacted Walmart who gladly advised it was past their return date policy and I needed to take it up with the manufacturer - in case you don't know - entire websites are devoted to the fact that Viores customer servcie is pathetic and could care less even though the product warranty is a full year. So - knowing this - isn't Walmart complicit in continuing to deal with Manufacturers that produce substandard products that stop working either before or shortly after the warranty period - and with Viore - it appears their flaws are so persistent - it may be by design! Joe *** gets screwed - Walmart and Viore get rich!


omg cant believe you actully tried after that long. and I cant believe you posted here to complain about it.


i have worked for walmart customer service, and the happiest day in my life was when i quit, but seriously 14 months??? own something for 14 months, and then try to return it? its similiar to a customer i had that had a grill for 2 years with a receipt and wanted to return it since it stopped working, he used it for those 2 years.


Nowhere, and I do mean nowhere is going to refund or exchange a product that was purchased over a year ago.

You were outside of the warantee period. Sony isn't going to take it back from walmart - they no longer guarantee it.

So should walmart loose money? Should they change their policy to that 1,2, 3, 10 years after buying a product and it fails they should take something back?

If that were the case things would cost 10X what they do.

If you have a beef with the quality of your product, contact Sony. They are the ones who made the thing.


WalMart sucks but why do they have to adjust their policy for you? Are you something special or just a flaming 1d1ot? In your defense, however, you ARE from TEXA$$.


A year? Seriously?


:grin You cannot return a product after 30, 45, 60, or 90 days depending on the product retard! You had the thing over a year!!!!

What do you expect lol!!! Silly.