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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Back in earlier July of 2016, my 85 year old mother who is Permanently Disabled, including having a Prolapsed Bladder, Heart Condition and Low Circulation In Both Of Her Legs (Making Her Very Immobile With Her Walking) Had Just Bought A Package Of Their Great Value Pink Salmon 700g From The Walmart Location At: c/o Walmart Dufferin Mall Supercentre, 900 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada M6H 4A9 (416) 537-2561 And Had A Very Bad Experience!

First of all, Their Fish Had A Very Bad Odor!

It was So Disgustingly Strong that I could smell it outside of my mother's apartment!


It Smelled Like A Dead Body To Be Quite Honest With You!

Secondly, when my mother cooked it and took her very first ***, she did NOT feel very well due to CRAMPING IN HER STOMACH and Immediately Stopped Eating Any More Of That Fish And Threw It Out!

Please NOTE: She could have gotten very sick from their fish if she kept on eating it and thankfully she was Smart Enough To Stop After Her Very First ***!

Is This The Kind Of Garbage That Walmart Makes,Produces And Sells To The Public?

I would hope NOT, but that was Not My Mother's Experience and I am her Personal Witness in this Case as well!

For Your Information: I am now going to provide You with some vital details that I was able to retrieve from the package of Their Horrible, Disgusting Fish for your reference and further review.

Great ValuePink SalmonSkin-On Fillets2 Fillets Wild Caught700 gM5C-C-52677Upc Code: 6 28915 24305 5Best Before: 2018 FE 28

In My Complaint, I also provided Pictures Of The Front And Back Side Of The Package Of Fish for your reference and further review.

Sadly, the first response that I got came from a Mark in Customer Service who Purposely and Deliberately Misread My Letter and Changed Around All Of The Wording In My Letter to make it look like I was complaining about the Smell In One Of Their Stores which was a Lie because he just did Not Wish To Deal With My Mother's Complaint.

Can you believe it?

Yes, I do have that letter available to view upon request.

Furthermore, the latest response that I received came from Customer Service stating that they have transferred my case to their Escalations Department and will have an answer for me within 24 hours.

Well, we will wait and see.

For a Billion Dollar Company, I think that they Can Afford to have better staff to deal with in Customer Service and they Can Afford To Have A Much Faster Turnaround Time!

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul ShoreAngry And Upset Wal-Mart Canada Corp. CustomerOn Behalf Of Mrs. Helene Shore, Your Customer

/HPSEnclosures: Please See The Attachments!

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Value Salmon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: my mother deserves a very Generous Walmart Gift Card for the trouble that she went through and inconvenience. thank you..

Walmart Pros: That they do have cheap prices, Stores do have a great variety to choose from, Have very large stores, There is something there for everyone, Are all over north america.

Walmart Cons: Customer service misread my letter, Customer service gave me two different reference numbers, Customer service is very time consuming, Still waiting for a resolution, Customer service told me today to wait 24 more hours.

  • Slow Customer Service
  • Runaround
  • Very Time Consuming
  • Salmon Smelled And Tasted Bad
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Are we really to believe that she cramped up immediately after one bit? C'mon.


Your mother's medical condition is irrelevant. What an incredible coincidence that you happened to show up at your mother's house just as she was opening the can.

Here is what is relevant: if the fish smelled as bad as you say it did, why did your mother proceed to cook and eat it??? She does not deserve a very generous gift card.

She does deserve a refund. Why didn't you get her one?


If I'm not mistaken, Walmart has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy on their Great Value items. Just take the can back to the store and get a refund.


Why did you need to disclose her medical condition? How was it relevant to the issue with the salmon?

First B

I guess if you read between the lines it indicates that she cannot just go back to the store and return it. She can but it would be more difficult to do so, and the mother would rather lose $1 or whatever she paid than go go back to the store because it is a struggle for her.