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Hello, On 3/5/16 at near 10 am, we come to local Big Rapids, Michigan Walmart on Perry Ave. Saturday mid morning.

To do our monthly groceries and other shopping. We went to the sporting goods department for ammunition. Since it is in a locked cabinet we looked for an associate, non to be found. So we called out very loudly for customer assistance in Sporting goods.

We waited 5 min, then since NOBODY come and was not in the adjacent Ilise I stood and waited the hubby looked around, we knew what we needed and that it was in the case, then he returned, and I went to Automotive as it is the adjacent department, finding 4 or 5 men laughing and talking, since my husband standing near the ammo case in Sporting goods could hear me very clearly from automotive where I was....these men heard him the first time when he called out, they said they would call for sporting goods to come and help us. We then waited another 3 to 4 min. for the over head page, dont' people at Walmart know how to over head page from a phone? The page went off, at which time we then set another timer, and waited 5 more min.

Note this is the better part of 15 min and NO HELP. AT which time, I told my husband this is enough, I am leaving and I am not buying my groceries or anything here in BIG RAPIDS Walmart. He yelled out one more time, but since I was leaving he had no recourse and as we left the department a agent come with the excuse he was way laid by another customer elsewhere in the store. Unacceptable answer, as then another shorter/ younger man showed up, Sorry, neither looked to have the keys to have waited on us in the first place, but sure did come fast once my husbands very ANGRY VOICE was hear by them.

We told them that after 15 min. of waiting for service we were not waiting and we would take our business elsewhere. WE were very vocal aobut this and immediately left the store, loudly on a Saturday morning, as the customer service once again, this is not the first time or the first department in that store that did not have adequate staffing to meet our customer needs, but it is the second time in the sporting goods department, as this happened a few week prior also. I did call the store assistant manager, who only knew part of the story, and we informed of the balance, but 'THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT, that is a motto of retail, you are there to meet their needs.

So we took out business to Meijer just down the street and bought our ammo and groceries, to your loss of over 300$. Meijer manager ( next door) and associates loved to hear of our problems and were very quick and helpful with our purchases and needs.

We will no longer ever go to Walmart in Big Rapids. As we are capable of going to other chain stores for our needs.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Bad customer service.

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"The customer is always right" isn't the motto of every retail store out there. It's a quote from Selfridge, the guy who founded some department stores in England 100 years ago.

Where in Walmart is there signage stating that is their policy? Or any other retailer, for that matter? No person on earth is always right, therefore that statement is invalid.

That said, I agree you shouldn't have been waiting so long.

But get used to it; most retailers have been cutting staff for years to save money and there isn't a thing you or I can do about it. You're yelling at the air.


You did not hear a page because WM stores no longer depend on the overhead to communicate. They use radios.

Yelling loudly does nothing but make you look ***.

You say that WM lost $300 since you went to another store. Yet you are the one who lost since the other store costs more than WM.


*****To the person who wrote this post. There is a loser going behind everyone that post on this website acting the smartas* that he is, trying to argue and belittle what the customer is complaining about.

Real loser. Disregard the post he has made.

I think he works as a security guard at a mall.

You post was appreciated by others and agree with you on some walmarts.


You and your husband sound like complete abject trash. First off - ew that you live near big rapids Michigan.

Secondly - ew that you were looking for ammo. Did you have sweat pants on and a duck dynasty camo print shirt on too? How overweight are you both? You both sound like the average lower class Walmart shopper.

FYI - fat and uneducated people forfeit their right to demand anything, let alone to be treated like a VIP, due to the fact they are fats / poors.

Get off your gun toting high horse, realize your place, and be grateful people even tolerate you being in public. Second class citizen.


They probably labeled yout disruptive and disrespectful customers and that is why no one jumped to help you. Seriously, what kind of mature adult stands in the department and yells for help?

That is something a child would do when they lost their mommy. Now, I know at the walmart in my home town, mid morning to early afternoon Sundays are some of the busiest shipping hours because everyone goes after church, so why would you think it's so unbelievable that the guy had another customer who came first?

I'm surprised no one applauded when you decided to leave and not come back.


The customer is NOT always right and that is the most outdated statement in a long time.


Why didnt you and your husband go up to customer service desk and tell them you needed the ammunition case opened? You two got no where by yelling when no one was around.

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