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I brought a sewing machine on the evening of 11/22/16 out of the white plains store for $200. The following day I found out same exact machine was on sale at Joann fabric for $50 cheaper Black Friday.

So I Black Friday I bought the cheaper machine, yesterday I attending to return the original machine with receipt to Walmart white plains, they refused the return. The female at the counter opened the box with a scissor and said she could not take the item back because it was opening. I looked at her amazed she then told me the item number on the box didn't match the receipt. I requested a manager...

the first manager agree with the employee and refused the return. I asked for the store manager she then corrected the ladies and said the box was indeed the correct item but the machine still can't be taken back because it wasn't the right machine. I explained to him the box had never been open until his employee opened it today. She said she only opened it because the tape didn't look good.

I then explained that the night I came to purchase the machine there was 2 boxes on the shelf this one(in decent condition) and another one whose box was wrecked! I took this one and didn't check for the quality of the taping on the box. I was so confused!!! I waited at this customer service desk nearly and hour and they told me to come back to speak to the store manager!!

This is ridiculous!!! I have purchased SEVERAL things from Walmart including opening a $400+ layaway that evening AND purchasing $200+ worth of toys that could not go on the layaway because they weren't over $10.

I want my money back for this sewing machine!!! The associate then gave me the machine box TAPED CLOSED and told me no they couldn't give me my money back!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I must make a confession or they are going to press fraud charges against me. I tried to return an old machine that was used and tried to seal the box as best as I can.

I never thought they would try and open the box to make sure that the exact same item was in the box. They had cameras to check that the new machine I bought was completely sealed. Now they want me to admit that I tried returning an old machine to get my money back. I also am still upset about the not being able to put the toys on layaway.

Not all parents can afford to spend more than $10 on their kids for toys. Yeah I know what I was doing was wrong, but I am desperate. I am a single mother that is trying to raise three kids and give them the Christmas they deserve. I can only put 20 percent on layaway right now and pay the rest when I get my pay check.

I wanted to put my toys on layaway instead of buy them later so that I can get my kids all that they want. Yeah I am ashamed to say that I am on wic, but I do work. I was afraid to post this on earlier because I have seen people get bashed for being on Wic when they don't know the whole situation.

My husband passed away last year and this is my kids first Christmas without him and I want it to be special. Despite what I have been through they still want me to charge me with fraud.

to Autumnjordan88 Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1249981

I am sorry for your situation. But there is not reason for you to try and commit fraud like this.

You are lucky they are not pressing charges. You know you can lose your kids to this. What will happen if you end up in jail because of this. They don't care about your situation and no matter what your situation is there is no excuses to commit fraud.

I doubt their cameras are that high tech that they can zoom in to see how the package was tapped. They were already on to you and because they knew you tried to trick them they forced you to confess through lies of their own which is sad on their behalf. They probably don't know about your husband, however you should be ashamed of yourself that you are spending money on internet access when you can spend that money to feed your kids and buy gifts on them.

Shame on you for abusing the system. If you can afford internet than you don't need to be on Wic.

to Autumnjordan88 Newnan, Georgia, United States #1250063

Autumn, thank you for coming clean with your admission. Please always remember - it is better to teach your children to be honest and trustworthy by your actions - than to give them everything they want!

When they see you being dishonest they will have a memory of you that you won't want them to have in the years to come. May God bless you and your family.

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