Hudson Falls, New York
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I live in Monticello New York I absolutely despise the Walmart you have here it is 1120 there is one register open with your employees walking all over the store playing on their cell phones and talking in the aisles this place is repulsive it's dirty and you guys should be ashamed of yourself to even call this a Walmart branch I tried to take a picture but I was informed by somebody that I'm not allowed to take pictures because it is like taking pictures in somebody's home I will drive my happy *** to either Honesdale Pennsylvania or Middletown New York from now on instead of dealing with this disgusting repulsive store because they don't know what customer service is they sit there watch a standing online giggling everybody's on lunch or outside smoking cigarettes and I promise you I will make sure that everybody knows about it

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you are an ignorant consumer -- just call 1800 walmart -- for any problem .

i have been doing it for 30 years---- they will correct the problem-- believe me--albert


Did it ever occur to you that if an employee is eating lunch, then they are most likely taking a SCHEDULED BREAK?


It is kind of funny how someone old enough to drive and old enough to stay up until 11:20 pm is unable to do something simple such as ask for help when needed. Have you thought of asking for help, or do you think one of the requirements in working in retail is being able to read minds.

To know when someone wants help and when someone does not want help, you are dammed if you do and damned if you don't. In other words they don't know if the customer will chew them out for asking for help, or if they will chew them out for not asking for help. The simple solution is if you want help ask for it.

Also no one shops this late at night, that is why they are short staffed. Funny how an adult old enough to drive cannot use simple logic.

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