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My name Ericka Epps and I frequent Walmart alot throughout the week. I recently visited on November 14,2014. The customer service was HORRIBLE!! I asked an employee for some help finding something in the baby section and they weren't able to help and the person that they called never came and that person who was unable to help never returned. When I finally was ready to check out the employee at self check out was extremely rude and not welcoming. Most items that I purchased was for my infant and if I didnt need it ASAP I would have not made that purchase. Situations like this makes me not want to return.

Thank You,

An Unhappy customer

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Being you frequent WalMart a lot during the week, you should know where things are. How was the cashier extremely rude and unwelcoming?

When you accuse somebody of being rude you should explain how they are rude. What you consider rude, somebody else might not. As far as being welcoming goes, there isn't any law that says employees have to be friendly, they are being paid to ring up your purchases and that is it. I don't want to waste my time being greeted by cashiers and being told to have a nice day or whatever else.

When I shop, I'm shopping, not looking for an opportunity to socialize.

Being you frequent WalMart a lot during the week, you must not have much to keep you busy, there isn't any reason for a person to have to go to WalMart more than once a week, therefore you shouldn't need help finding what you are looking for. Now, little Miss Smarty Pants, this isn't the WalMart web site, it is a general complaint site, so I don't know why you worded your complaint like you thought it was a WalMart site.


Why not shut up. I never asked for your opinion.

Just so you know the Walmart I go to is near the CPS building. If I want to make a good impression on CPS for my visits I have to go to the store that is closest. My child was removed from my home by CPS, and I am only allowed supervised visits. I want to make a good impression on them so I buy baby food and toys for my infant.

I want my infant returned to me eventually, and I have to prove to them that I am not a neglecting parent. So I buy infant formula and baby food and occassionally toys from Walmart. I have three visits a week so I got three times a week. You think you know everything about people but you don't.

Three of my other children have been adopted because I cannot get my act together. Right now I am working on getting my infant and five year old back. This is why I keep shopping at that Walmart. Yeah I find it offensive when I am not greeted.

I have to stay at home all day. I am a human being and I need time to socialize with adults rather than a five year old. My five year old was recently returned to me but I am afraid that because of the poor service here that I am going to go back to square one and lose my five year old in case I lose my temper and hurt her because they were rude and unhelpful. So before posting on review think.

You don't know what life is like. Stay off my review retard. *** If I did not need the items for my infant ASAP to make a good impression on CPS I would not be shopping there at all. As soon as I prove myself and get my infant back I will stop going there.

I think it won't be long now. I have my five year old back. However they think I am not able to take care of a five year old an an infant.

When I prove I can by buying food and gifts I will get the child back. That is if the don't ruin my progress by making me so angry that I hurt my five year old.


Should have kept your legs closed. That would have solved all your problems.


haha cute!




Wow. You sound batshit.

I don't think you're the victim here. CPS TOOK YOUR KIDSSSS. And you're sitting here complaining cause some walmart employee didn't say hi to you.

And how in *** would it be walmarts fault that you can't control your temper? You are ghetto trash.


I think she is claiming that if she gets bad service it makes her angry. Instead of taking her anger out on the employees who are her own size and can fight back she takes her anger out on someone one tenth her size.

Hope she never gets her children back.

She is a child beater and will always make up an excuse for beating her children. If it is not Walmart it is her, boss, if it is not her boss it is the traffic lights for always being red.