Fremont, California

Wal-Mart Store #2989 in Fremont CA 94539

I bought a gallon of paint and other merchandise in that store on 4/20/2009. I took three bags for my merchandise.

One of the cashiers stopped me and told me I only allowed to take two bags. I told her that I had a gallon of paint and it was heavy and I did not want the paint leak out and the bag broken. She did not listen. She then called the supervisor.

While I was walking out, the supervisor called another employee and stopped me. The supervisor insisted I had to give her back one used plastic shopping bag to her or would not let me go! I never encounted this kind of rude situation entire my life! They refused to listen my concern regarding the painting can - heavy and leakable.

You people should be really concerned about the customer service in Walmart. I don't understand why Walmart is so CHEAP now!

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I went into a Walmart store and was escorted out because of my service dog. The security man yelled at me inside the store to get out.

I told him it was a service animal and he said he did not care and that he was mad because I was interrupting his lunch.64268


Wal-Mart in Toronto Ontario now considers ALL of its customers as thieves. Once you've paid for your purchase, you get to be approached at the door on the way out of the store (past the cashier where you were seen paying for the goods) and searched - your items are individually scrutinized and compared against the list on the receipt.

These rude halfwits suspect everyone.

As a side note, it seems that all stores in Toronto also are under the impression that their customers ought to pay them to carry their advertisements around town. They make one pay for the shopping bags which are plastered with their logos. Arrogant bastards do not provide alternate paper bags but the plastic bags with advertisements (basically billboards) are for sale...


Hello Walmart customer service

I was attempting to acknowledge one of the free trial offers. The one was video professor. However, these *** tried to charge me something by aksing for my c/c information. I emailed them and told them to blank off

thought you could use a honest comment




Walmart store (#3507) in Baltimore Md. @ Port Covington on 10/24 to pay a bill due 10/20.

As i waited to pay bill cashier said something but it was "unclear" as to "whom" she was speaking to; so i asked her & she stated "I Wasn't talking to you" in an unprofessional & rude manner. After paying bill i had a couple items to be rung up & throughout the process, cashier wasa Unfriendly, rude & certainly without a smile. With all Walmarts money, i'm astounded as to fact that "too many

" of their employees are rude & maybe those who hire these employees ...need to "look a lil deeper" @ them.

Time of payment 13:51:41 (TC#9359 7398 6483 9777 3480) Time of purchase of other items 13:50:44 (TC# 4604 0621 3516 2202 6527) There should be "no problenm in discovering the cashier's name"; it was a strange name ...sorry i'm unable to recall it. Phn.# to Walmarts 410-625-1971


Wow...all it would have taken is a 2-cent shopping bag to make you happy. I am an assoc.

and I agree with the other associate's comment.

Our first basic belief is Respect For The Individual. Sure we encounter our share of rude/*** people but we've got to try harder to fix our rep!


im really teed off wal mart acc need to have better respect for the customer they dont know how to talk to people you dont like your job find another one :(


I've never seen this happen but I know that it's possible. I really do not see why taking a third bag is actually a big deal.

Not every Walmart is like that. You can go to customer service and ask for a manager. You can call that store and ask for a manager and they will transfer you to a manager and if that does not help then you can get their distract managers number and contact that person.

Their number and number should be at customer. If not well then you can call 1 - 8 0 0 - walmart.


As an associate of Wal-Mart, I am grieved to read of these customer complaints. While isolated, these incidents being reported are deplorable and every one whom is ethical and moral and respects everyone as Wal-Mart associates and supervisors are determined to address and resolve.

What you - the one whom pays our salaries and bonuses when applicable - should do is go to the customer service desk and ask to speak to the manager. The actual store manager will come out unless she or he is too busy. Then, one of the assistants will come out. She or he will take your complaint orally.

If you receive a lack of satisfaction, ask for the number of the district manager.

If she/he refuses, call 1-800-963-8442. Tell the recipient that you have a complaint and need to contact corporate in Arkansas.


Very well said .