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Wal-Mart Store #2989 in Fremont CA 94539

I bought a gallon of paint and other merchandise in that store on 4/20/2009.I took three bags for my merchandise.

One of the cashiers stopped me and told me I only allowed to take two bags. I told her that I had a gallon of paint and it was heavy and I did not want the paint leak out and the bag broken. She did not listen. She then called the supervisor.

While I was walking out, the supervisor called another employee and stopped me. The supervisor insisted I had to give her back one used plastic shopping bag to her or would not let me go! I never encounted this kind of rude situation entire my life! They refused to listen my concern regarding the painting can - heavy and leakable.

You people should be really concerned about the customer service in Walmart.I don't understand why Walmart is so CHEAP now!


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Maybe they needed that 2cents to pay for a bottle of wine or a case of beer for one of the employes/owner buys

#70672 Over a BAG?

Walmart has really sunk to a new low...

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