At 0700 on 3/15/11 I went to get a couple of items and get cash. When I got my cash they couldn't give me all 20's.

I only needed four. She said that was all they had. I told her she had to be kidding and reiterated was that all they had for a Wal-Mart. She told me I could go to the TSM or a supervisor.

I told her their customer service sucked and she showed that she was upset. When I went to supervisor she appeared oblivious to the problem and then just said thank-you. No resolution, no apology, not even a sign of intelligent give a ***.

Walmart seems to hire the apathetic, lazy and sometimes the right down low IQ. Their customer service is not customer service, because they don't care.

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I work on the register and we can't always give you the type of change you want but we do provide a ATM if that helps or better yet quit being picky and take the money she gave you and be thankful for that!


the cashier could have given you 80 singles, it still equals the same amount. Stores arent banks, and those that offer cash back do not have to give you the denominations you request.


Stores are NOT banks. Your lucky she had the money to give you cash back all.

You probably came close to cleaning her drawer out. NOT that you care, you are exactly what is wrong with America these days, spoiled, self-serving, and selfish.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #260814

What kind of fool are you? Look, you are lucky they provided you a service and gave you cash at all.

Quit being an A hole and be thankful for what they did.

They are not a bank. If you want 20 dollar bills get off your lazy butt and go to the bank and get them.


You are a ***. At seven in the morning they are not going to have a lot of cash.

You could not get all 20's... poor baby...

you got your money right?

Again... what a *** to take the time to complain about such as this.

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