This started two weeks ago (9/15/2015) where I made contact with them at their 877 number because my kids needed something in writing saying since they are only authorized users they were not responsible for the bill (they are buying a house and needed this letter to close). I was assured the letter would be faxed to their loan department involved within 24-48 hours. Never happened.

Called back and was told it would be sent to my email. Never happened. Called back and was told it would be sent to my daughter's email. Never happened.

Now mind you each time they would say between 24-48 hours and on one phone call it was up to 72 hours !!! I ended up almost 10 days later with a letter sent to my house minus the information I requested be added to the form and didn't do me any good since I am in Afghanistan working, so it was totally worthless and not appropriate since I explained to them why I needed it via fax / email. WTH....

So after many many calls and many many promises of the documentation going to be sent to me within 24 - 48 hours via email, my daughter was unable to close on her new house on 9/21/2015.

My kids finally had to call the credit bureaus to dispute the information and after a couple of days later when it wasn't coming off found out that Walmart would not provide the credit bureaus the information unless the kids were on the phone with them!!!!

Unbelievable. I CANCELLED MY CARD today (9/26/2015), which by the way you don't get to speak with a representative to explain why and no kidding I checked my paid off account in less than 5 minutes and it was CANCELLED immediately.

I guess if you need help they don't give a darn about you but you want to cancel that card and it is immediate without them giving a darn about why you are leaving. REALLY.....

I will say, I have always loved loved loved Walmart and when I would go home for vacation I would spend quite a bit of money. My kids would also spend money on groceries every week or two so I would consider us great customers. NEVER late on a payment and paid in full.

I have sent a formal complaint against the whole process and only hope they listen to each call made and each lie told and take action but if the way they treated me and my kids is any indication they will not do anything about it.

I am so disappointed in them and have vowed to never go to another Walmart again. Back to KMart I guess since I live in a fairly small town.

SHAME ON WALMART CUSTOMER SERVICE. You all caused my kids to not be able to close on their new home after messing around for a week and still at the two week mark nothing but some *** letter without the proper information being sent to a place where I am not!!

Shame on you Walmart that you wouldn't even remove their information from their credit history when they were removed from my account since I had not choice at that point. Again, said you would within guess what......24 to 48 hours. What a joke....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Take action against the Customer Service personnel who did not provide any documentation as promised. Check the phone calls made, the promises made, and check to see who keeps saying they sent out the emails with the information. NEVER EVER HAPPENED. .

I didn't like: Customer service department.

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