Omaha, Nebraska

I am sorry to report that after several attempts to gain assistance from walmart and the company contracted to handle issues, I have yet to get any resolution or even the luxury of a decision. Claims Management is the company who is acting or in this case ignoring me on Wal Mart's behalf.

I had purchased my wifes dream car. The make and model are not important but I can say that I had to obtain a rental car, drive 7 hours and spent the last of our extra funds to get it for her. The car was immaculate. No dents or broken any things could be seen. We were so excited that pictures were taken the same day that the incident with Wal Mart's service center occured.

I decided to have a fresh oil change after licensing and tagging the car. I took it to Wal Mart's service center since I have never had an issue prior. I also purchased the fuel injection cleaning option since the previous records could not be located. I waited patiently for 3 hours and grocery shopped with my wife.

The car was finally finished. I got in and drove to pick up my wife and our groceries. We had popped the truck to load up our new dream car. Right away we could see a broken tail light and a large scratch on the side of the car. We loaded the rest of our items and went back to the service center since we had not left the lot yet. Before I could get a word out the person who was working on my vehicle was at the garage door. He was on the offensive immediately before I got one word in edgewise. I explained that I was not upset but there is a broken tail light and a large scratch where there was none before. The employee dismissed me immediately and that it could not have happened here.

I then requested a manager as anyone would do in my case. After an hour of waiting a man came out and looked at the car. He agreed with is employee that it could not have occurred at his store. I assured the manager that the car is new to us and we have pictures to prove that no damage was present. The manager then departed to look at the tapes. Less than 20 minutes later he stated that there was no information on the tapes to show damage on Wal Mart's behalf. This was curious to me since the car was in the garage for over 3 hours and his investigation took less than 20 minutes. The manager took pictures of the damage and assured me it would be sent to claims management for prompt handling.

I had pointed out the pre service checklist did not show any damage. I explained that the “mechanic” had also stated that the taillight was out prior to service yet the form did not reflect that assumption. The manager stated again that he could not correct this and it would have to be sent to claims management. I stupidly believed him.

I waited 2 weeks for a call from Claims Management. Finally I was left a message from Angie at ext: 58011. I left a voice message and waited for another call. 15 days later I called again. I waited on hold for 20 minutes when an automated voice came on the line and stated that the system is having technical difficulties. The system disconnected the call.

15 days after the last call I had tried again. I reached Angies mailbox but it was full. I pressed zero for the operator but the automated system said it could not be performed and asked for another extension. I hung up and called back. 25 minutes later I spoke with Jane. I asked Jane to stay on the line with me until someone could be reached. Jane seemed upset by this and asked if I would like Angie's supervisor Buna A. at extension 57883. I said that would be wonderful as long as she picks up the phone to speak with me directly since voicemails go nowhere. Jane came back to the line and advised that Buna was not at her desk. I declined the voicemail again and requested to speak with someone. Jane stated that she would get me to Matthew Carrow. He was some sort of regional director of sorts at ext: 58004. Before I knew it Jane had transferred me to Matthews voicemail. I left a detailed message and everything requested by Matthew for prompt handling. 20 days later I’ve left another voicemail with no follow up at all. Given the highest level of poor service it is easy to see why the lower level employees behave in kind. I will continue my efforts but wanted to warn people from Wal Mart's auto service center. I would warn everyone from walmart all together but there is no where else to shop on the tightest of budgets for food and price match to boot.

Thank you and good luck to us all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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