Rancho Cordova, California
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Delivering a load to sparks nv. D.c.

i arrived an hr. Early witch is the earliest u can show up at a d.c. the gate house was busy so they took over an hr. To get me in .

So i went in to check in at the office to giv her ppwrk and she informes me that since im late ill be a work in lol i said i was here an hr ago it took that long to get checked in at the gate she said i was a liar and i said ok whatever i realy dont care if u take all day my comp still pays me by te hr. Anyway and she told me to get a check for 50.00 to unload my truck i went and got it came back with it and she asked me what dock i was in i told her i was in dock 329 she said i cant be in that dock i said ok ill go dbl check i walked out to look and took a picture with my phone of my trailer and the dock it was in came back inside and told her the same num and said i took a picture if u want to verify it . She looked at me and said " fine then i guess u will be here untill u tell me the truth" i said are u kidding me i just went and looked and verified u can see the pocture with my trailer in it what is your prob she ignored me . So i went outside flaged down the yard dog had him look to see the door asked him to come in and tell her what he saw she jusT got up and walked away and wouldnt even listen to him either lol at this point im getting mad .

I asked for a supervisor waited till the supervisor came explained what had been going on and she told me that she stands behinde her employee and that if i want to be difficult i can sit here all night long . I laughed in her face and just left went to my truck and went to sleep. 10 hrs later they came to knock on my door to ask me what i was still there for i told them what happend and they checked allover and my papperwork was missing two hrs . Later they found my bills in a trash can and finaly i got out of there .

The jokes on them however i got paide by the hr. To sleep lol . Im not shur why they put a menopausal women at the counter .

But at least i got some good rest . I guess she has a bad life cuz she was rude to everyone that night but its not my fault ur life suks dont take it out on me.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Correct grammar please.

What is with the text speak?

How can anyone take this complaint seriously the way it is written?