Prince George, British Columbia
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Bought a tire repair kit online and I never received it. Called customer service to get it figured out, they told me I had to file a police report because they claimed it was delivered.

Found this hard to believe because I am the only person living at my address and I guarantee they would not be able to show my signature showing i received the package.

The amount of time and resources sasted of both mine and the RCMP to get my $18 item either resent or refunded was not worth it. Terrible service and no respect for the customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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They do not do signature confirmation for low cost items unless you pay for it. Get real.

It was delivered and someone stole it. Report the theft to the cops.


I did don't you know how to read, even if it was no fault of their own they should have given a replacement for absolutely free. This is not my fault someone stole it.

Why are you blaming me for someone else's actions? It was poor customer service to not have them offer to replace my stolen merchandise for free.


Wow with that attitude no wonder you live alone. They are not required to give things for free if things get lost or stolen.

If they were anyone can just claim they bought an expensive television set or something and it was stolen and get it for free while they sell their first "stolen" television set on Ebay, use common sense.

They even say they are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Part of the reason that they ask for a signature on expensive items, more that your pathetic $18 is so you don't do what I mentioned above.


Well, aren't you blaming them for someone else's actions?