Albuquerque, New Mexico

Shopping at the Deming NM Walmart is very uncomfortable when you have security just following you and watching and you have done nothing! I stopped shopping there because the short fat lady security thinks she owns Walmart.

We have also heard how she talks about customers and employees that she is investigating. It is all over town. Someone is going to accuse walmart for defamation.

Lucky that we have kmart and peppers market and we drive to shop at las cruces nm. Many people here just go shop out of town since Walmart opened.Walmart does not know how to treat customers.

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Good heavens, a Ph.D. with a high school dropout's grammar and inability to write a cohesive sentence.

If you babble on in person without making a point the way you did here, I would also consider you a liability to be on my property and ask you to not return.


Here is a better one, on 8-10-2011 after purchasing a $750.00 TV I was handcufed by a Deming Officer and he told me I was not under arrest just for his protection. I asked why he was here at all and was told I had a firearm in a store that sold alcohol.

I informed him I had a New Mexico Concealed Carry License and would be happy to show him it and after July 1, 2007 as long as I had a CCW it was legal for me to carry in a store sellong only for consumption off the property. I was halled to the poliece station and after they finished their investigation I was let go along with my firearm and no charges were filed. I was not told what wallmart had complained about but as they let me go it is ovious I was obaying the law. On 9-10-2011 I purchased about $250.00 in food and asked to see the manager or the store secrity supervisor.

After a short time a woman came to me and I sugested we get out of the traffic as I wanted to talk. Again, remember she never gave her name or title but as soon as I told her my name she said "O' it is you and I can not talk to you as she was walking away from me at a fast pace and calling some code on her radio. I wated a short time and both State poliece and Deming city poliece showed up and I along with a witness that was with me was shoved into a small room and I was told I was going to be warrened if I ever was caught on any walmanrt property or controlled by wallmart I would be arrested for Criminal Trepass nd they then stuck a paper for me to sign in my face that I ahd been warrened. I was told to sign the paper with 4-5 poliece around me along with a male in his early 30's which made me feel threathened that if I did not sign I would be arrested.

I signed and decided to fight another day in the courts but I am having trouble getting any one I hav called to take the case on. Also I am disabled and on disibility with a first hand witness that heard it all.

Later the same day I as at my renters house and when I tild my renter what had happened another person in the room spoke up and said "Yes I know all about it" I asked other questions and she refused to give me any ansewers and I found out she was refusing because she was a Walmant employee and probely afraid of loosing her job. How about that where a business open to the public is allowed to ban a customer that has not broken any state or frderal laws and, walmart reused to tell me why and I have a strong belief a internal memo was sent to all employees telling them if I was seen in the store again they needed to contact magement so they could ban me from the store yet I broke no laws and I even have not broken any of their own internal rules the employees have to follow.


deming walmart sux and all the people who work there are on pain killers or *** . huh lady security


Oh quit fooling us Me too, admit it you liked it. You are hoping she would strip search you naked or frisk you.


I know exactly which Wal-Mart you are talking about!! That same bull-*** security guard has been following me around.

She found me mastur-bating with the xbox360 vibrating demo controller in the electronic section. I though she was ***, but it turned out she just wanted to help me out (she was able to detach the control and put in my mouth) this was while she finished me off in her armpit (using pepper spray to help with the friction of course).

Ever since then, she has always followed me around. You can't take it personal, she is just kinda lonely


Actually I was a shoplifter at this store so I thought I would write something to make her look bad. None of this is true.

However she did not press charges for my stealing, and she is threatening to press charges and sue my parens if I don't take this down.

I am eleven years old you would think she would have something better to do than to harass a eleven year old. What a b i t ch and bully.