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12mile&gratiot. Roseville mi.

This Wal-Mart is thee worst Wal-Mart in america!!!!!! Ghetto isn't even the word to describe it and this is coming from an African-American. I am scared to shop there anytime after 12pm. The employees hate their jobs and if you ask them anything they're bound to saythey don't work in that department and keep it moving .

Not to mention everything is out of stock and I mean everything!!!! The person at the door doesn't even greet you, the managers there don't even care. You can't tell who's a manger or an employee because they all have the same screwed up attitude. Please shut this Wal-Mart down or hav e the owner take a visit.

This is a place of business and whomever have their name on this store should be ashamed!!!!! Please do something about it I'm sure this is only the millionth complaint.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Are you aware that 12PM means noon? Do you mean 12AM which would be midnight.

Actually you sound kind of Ghetto yourself. For one thing unless YOU were actually born in Africa, you aren't an African-American, you are American, plain and simple. If any of your ancestors were born in Africa that doesn't make you an African-American. IF you are African-American, then I am Danish-American, my in-laws are German-American, etc.

IF you were as smart as you think you are, then you would realize this isn't the WalMart web site, it is a general complaint site.