Baltimore, Maryland
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I had a REALLY BAD experience with the young man name Nathan at the deli at Rt. 17 Walmart, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

This was not the first time I've experience such bad services. Thus clerk's name is Nathan. He never even asked me what thickness of cuts l wanted. I pointed to what I wanted, he automatically assumed i wanted the thinner slices everytime.

But when i told him that was not the slices i preferred, he had such attitude and told me he had already sliced it. What an ***!! I've been to this deli many times before, most times with other clerks, he seemed to be in a hurry and quick to rush me as a paying customer away not caring if i needed anything other than the one cuts of meats. This particular day i was planning a party and he was not attentive to my needs.

Other times i placed offers in, it's not what i wanted he throws it away and rolls his eyes and raised his voice towards me.

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!! Like I've written, he is an ***!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am sure that you saw him cutting the meat when he started, why did you not notice it was too thin then. Did you need an adult to speak up for you?

Does mommy know you are writing about this. I know you are a child because you are so big on what is professional, and what is not, and an adult would know that name calling is not professional.

Also I guess you needed an adult to tell him that you wanted more meat. I know you are young, and being what three years old you expected him to read your mind, but that is not how things work, you have to speak up, and if you cannot do that yourself get mommy to do it for you.