Mountain View, California
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I am disabled so i spend a good bit of my time home alone. I love to sew and take great pleasure doing diy projects and sewing.

I generally try and only make one stop when im out and about... so you guessed it... i buy everything from our local store. I have gotten so ill the last 4 times ive tried to purchase fabric...

that ive left it on the table... i cant ever get anyone to wait on me. Ive requested a sales person... ive tried to stop employees and tonight i had someone tell me that they couldnt help me....

i really believe these people are worthless.... and i think im done with them!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If they are not trained to cut cut fabric they are not able to help you. It would be like someone expecting your disabled *** to walk a mile and then getting angry because you cannot do that.


you should have someone help you because you can't do things yourself. There, said and done!


Good way to tell her. I like how these disabled people make themselves feel pathetic.

Why if they expect someone who is not trained to cut and price fabric and get angry at them for not being able to do so. I should expect her walk her disabled *** a whole mile and then bash her because she cannot.