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I have a Basset ring that I bought from a gal online. She needed to know my ring size.

So while shopping at Walmart in IL, I stopped at the jewlery dept and asked to be szd. She told me an 7.5, so I texted the seller to have it szd to that. When I got it, I can't wear it. I took it to a jewler and found out I needed a 8.5 not 7.5!

Now, it can't be resized due to the material.

Walmart told me to file a claim snd has done nothing‼️ It was their employee that made the mistake that I'm out of a $$ ring. They need to take responsibility over their employee.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Walmarts ring sizers are probably accurate for the rings walmart sells. Just like with clothing, there is going to be a difference in size from supplier to supplier and from brand to brand.

I've had my fingers sized at a number of jewelers and it ranges from a seven all the way up to an eight depending on the ring maker. Also, anytime I've had my fingers sized, they have me try on a couple different loops that have a size printed on them so I can easily see what size I am trying on. It was very rude of you to use walmarts jewelry department to get your ring size when you had no intention to buy from them.

You took someone away from their job, and a potentially paying customer to do you a favor, and now you're complaining about this free service they rendered that they did not have to. Shame.

to Anonymous #1080096

If you can't read properly, it was a SPECIALTY made ring. I shop there, and I needed a sz to tell the person in another state what to have the ring sized too so she could SELL it to me. Got now?

to Anonymous #1080948

That doesn't change the fact that you wasted Wal-Mart's time.

to ransom Naperville, Illinois, United States #1203060



So you didn't even buy the ring from Walmart and you're upset? Did you pay them anything to measure your finger?

Did you get it in writing? Was the person who measured it even qualified to do it?

Why in the world do you think Walmart is responsible?

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