Rockford, Illinois
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I have been a customer for more than twenty years and have never been treated so badly. I was christmas shopping for nintendo dsi games, after waiting fifteen minutes for the clerk to open the case, i told her which games i wanted.ahe darted toward the register without a word, as i asked to look at one to be sure it was the right game,she refused and handed it to the cashier,who was taking a call as he rang up my purchases, neither assosiate spoke one word to me except to tell me my total. i felt i was treated like a thief,as i couldnt even see what i was purchasing.i was never greeted and felt rushed out of the department before i was done shopping, as i had questions about a tablet i was interested in.i recently moved near a kmart maybe they will appreciate my business.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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get off your high horse. Speak up and ask what they are ringing you up for.

This literally sounded like you were FORCED TO BUY THE GAME. people like you deserve to shop at walmart


to the person whom replied,"get off your high horse,it saddens me that uneducated people as yourself don't understand that this website is so customers can work together to try to get problems corrected, please take your hateful, judgmental comments to your Facebook page,as I'm sure you have one. there is only one who can judge us in our lifetime and I'm sure that's NOT you.

I myself shop at Wal-Mart to keep jobs in America

are you saying you've never shopped at Wal-Mart?

shame on you, I will pray for you to not be ful of hatred. Jesus loves even you.

@Anonymous 13

I don't get how that was hatred, I just stated the obvious. but yet again I am uneducated haha.

At the end of the day the poster did not have to buy the game, he could have asked at any moment what was being rung up. instead he sat back and threw a pity party and came on here to vent about his feelings, NOT WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. doesn't sound like a real issue with walmart, just an issue with the person. you are the people of walmart.

I rest my case. Hope jesus loves me as much as he loves you.

@Anonymous 13

you probably played the race card too.

@Anonymous 13

Yeah but people can also reply back to reviewers, and if the person posting the review is going to be demanding and act like the world revolves around them then they will reply back. If the person cannot take it than they should not be posting.

No one is full of hatred, they are simply telling the truth her. You aka the OP thinks that the world revolves around them.

If telling you that you are wrong hurts your feelings you should not be posting. Also learn how to spell and use proper grammar before calling anyone uneducated.