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We bought my son a tablet with removable keyboard and when we open the box two weeks later for his birthday it was cracked on top and on the screen. When purchased the tablet and purchase it back in the electronics department for $167 on February 10th 2016.

We were told the reviept machine wad down but that if anything was an issue to just bring it back and let them know tje problem and we would get a copy. I have taken it in to the 192nd vancouver Washington store whete it was purchased anf explained what happened and that it ruined my sons 5th bday present. She preceded to tell me that it was past 15 days and no reciept. I explained why there was no reciept and that the product is broken in its original purchased condition.

She was very very rude and sent me away.

I feel there is just no way i am stuck with a broken tablet/laptop just because of an employees actions and a jammed machine. They werr all so rude even though they were staring right at the product and reciept on their comps.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Well, receipt or not, you tried to return it after 15 days. That's their policy whether you like it or not.

It applies to everyone, not everyone except you.


Now you know why it is imperative you open and inspect these things as soon as you get home, just in case. Now you know.

Don't blame WalMart. You snooze, you lose.


I'm only blaming walmart for their disrespectful demeanor and lack of respect, as well as making me feel getting a printout of the reciept later would be just fine since their printer was jammed. Does it matter whether or not it was inspected or not?

Point is the product was paid for by a customer and it was a damaged product and I believe it should absolutely be taken care of and the rude snooty behavior of the barely 18 girls behind the counter when a customers paid for product never got to use with a completely cracked screen is uncalled for and very bad business. I shop new because I don't want problems or to get stuck with an anchor, I certainly never expected to be disregarded of by a company this big, I shop here everyday and have for 15 years. Very disappointed. I just want my refund or in store credit and seeing as how I received a broken product yet paid for a new unused one and then were staring riggt at my copy of the receipt on their computer yet wouldn't accept that when I have the exact same debit card number and the fact that they knew that it had been jammed and it was done in electronics.

Honestly that's just a slick way of being thieves if you ask me. So to correct you sir, yes it is Walmart's fault, they sell the product then they're supposed to back it an their customer and they treated me wrong and lied and I will not eat $167 because they don't feel like giving me a refund or something on a receipt that they have in front of them and that they know is paid for.

Shame shame shame.


It is their fault for being rude yes but it is your fault for not checking the item out when you for home. I make sure to always check big ticket items when I get home just to make sure nothing is wrong with it.

How does Wal-Mart know you didn't some how break it by mistake turning the time you had it?

I'm not saying you did but look fe in their point of veiw.