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I went to Wal-Mart for an oil change in my car, which turns out to be a big mistake. When I left to go shop in there, they got to work on my car.

The dude took the oil out, didn't put enough, if any, back in. He also didn't put the oil change sticker on my car. In less than 3 days, my engine literally went bust on the highway, and I nearly crashed in the traffic.

When my car was hauled away, my mechanic showed me the problem of there being no oil in my engine. Now I have to pay $3800 for a new engine and installation, and no one is going to cover that but me -.- Extremely pissed off right now.

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Oh wow that sucks man! Did you call walmart about it?

You still got your receipt from the oul change? If so there is an operator number on there. Walmart will look it uo and would be able to tell who did it. If only your cashier and oil changer were the same people.

But still call 1-800 walmart and let them know exactly what happen with you. It wasnt your fault, you shouldnt have to pay for it.

If walmart or corporate wont do anything. Take that person who did that oil change for you to court!


Why would you go to Walmart to get this done?

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