Oakhurst, California

I am writing to inform you of the problem I have had with my vehicle following service at this center on 02/27/2009. I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma V6 4.0 L automatic. Not long after this oil change, I began to experience a "lag" in my transmission. I took it to a local mechanic for the next oil change and asked him to also check my transmission. He informed me that my transmission was "sealed" and could only be worked on by the dealer. I was trying to save the money to take my truck to the dealer when, last week, the transmission totally stopped working.

When the dealer inspected my transmission, they discovered that it had been over-filled with too much fluid, and what was drained was a "mixture" of the required "WS ATF" and another unidentifiable fluid. They drained and refilled with the correct fluid, however my transmission still is not working. They told me they suspected that the transmission drain plug was opened in error and whoever did this overfilled it with the wrong fluid. The only choice is to replace the transmission.

I have invoices from the last 3 oil changes done at this facility. The first 2 (dated 7/19/2008 and 11/21/2008) state that the transmission fluid check was "declined" and then a note stating it is a sealed transmission. The most recent invoice states that the transmission fluid was "checked". This is impossible as there is no dipstick, and the only way to get to the transmission is through the drain plug, losing the fluid in the process.

In light of the fact that nobody else has worked on my vehicle and the documentation that shows this facility checked my transmission fluid, I can reasonably ascertain that the last mechanic to change my oil, also inadvertently drained my transmission fluid. In addition, I feel that upon realizing the error, they attempted to "hide" the error by attempting to replace whatever fluid was lost with some other fluid.

The only thing I can do is to install a new transmission, which was quoted at $4000 by the dealer. I do not have this money. I am now out hundreds of dollars to transport and try to repair my truck, and have no vehicle. I live in a rural area and cannot be without transportation!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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go back to the store that messed it all up and ask to speak to their service manager, if he is not available ask to talk to the assistant/co manager, if he is not available ask for there MTS(or DM depending on area) phone number and give him a call with the information that you got from your work orders and the dealership do not mention the other person that looked at your trany. if after all this they wont help you get a lawyer, walmart 90% of the time settles out of court for 3 to 4 times the amount you sue them for.


Buy a GM car - no wait... those break down! Alright try Honda then!