Monroe, Louisiana
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Walmart offered 3 year replacement on their batteries, yet would not honor it. When I tried to return a one year old battery, (of which I didn't have a receipt), the employees were rude and did not want to be bothered.

I left angry, vowing never to patronize the store again. I, then called and spoke to the department manager, who said to come back and he would exchange the battery.

When I got there, he said there was nothing he could do without the recipt. The battery has a barcode and serial numbers on it to identify the battery, but I was told they could not tell how old the battery was.

I won't go back to Walmart again. If I do, someone please just shoot me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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If you bought the battery from walmart and you have a receipt and you are within the 3yr warranty timeframe you should be good to go. They will test the battery and usually tell you it's fine.

Thats when you need to put on a show for the clerk and all the customers and ask for the manager.

After 10 or 15 minutes of cussing out the manager they will give you a new battery. Just hold your ground and refuse to leave without a new battery.


The receipt is proof of your Warrenty the SN is for Everstart. BTW Walmart batteries arent junk, your car probably is.Its a three year batterie for a reason....because it last three years.

they are Everstart the best batteries yet again Walmart is a Retailer they sell products for other Merchants... You should learn that just sell it.


You are correct! Wal-Mart batteries are JUNK!

You must have a receipt for bettery returns and exchanges though. It is not WAL-MARTS responsibilty to keep up with your purchases, it's yours! That BAR CODE is for them, not for you. You bought a battery, not a bar code.

"I won't go back to Walmart again. If I do, someone please just shoot me."

Hold STILL. I bought my glasses there!