Winter Park, Florida
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I went to Walmart's Black Friday event today and purchased a 50inch Emerson TV for $298. The cashier assured me that the TV was available (I was at the end of the line).

After I paid for the TV I continued to shop. When I arrived to the back of the store to pick up my TV I was informed that the TV was no longer available. The assist mgr tried to down play the situation. I saw the gentleman that was in line ahead of me had a TV.

I asked the assist mgr if he could order me another TV or upgrade the TV for the same price as this was their error.

He told me he couldn't. I contacted Walmart's corporate office and I am awaiting a response.

Monetary Loss: $298.

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I got a ticket on Black Friday for the Emerson TV. Guaranteed to be shipped to the store by Christmas.

I got an E-mail saying I would get a refund because the TV had been damaged in shipping, No offer for another TV. When I told them a refund was not going to work, I wanted the TV, I was told there were no more TV available. Wonder what the guarantee was about.

Wonder how many other customers had their TV damaged in shipping.


thats how they did it. pay first then pick up the tv at the truck loading area. i actually got mine. it was all great i have a pretty good 50" on my living room now. and here's the glitch i found.. being an AV savvy gives me more knowledge on whats not working and whats working..i'm actually having problems on HDMI inputs.. meaningthe 3 of them. 1st problem on hdmi: if i switch channels from my xfinity box between HD to SD... the picture will disappear but the audio is still there.. SD to SD is ok.. HD to HD channels are ok too. SD to HD is ok.. but the HD to SD doesnt.. example.. FOX SD is 5 and FOX HD is 805.. so from 805 to channel 5.. the video will disappear but audio is present. 2nd issue is when i play dvd on my blueray. with all thos upcoming shows at the front of the main movie..i dnt think it changes format and resolution but it keeps on losing the video signal.

i called the very unuseful support of emerson but they ask me to call walmart first so... im going to walmart tomorrow. did anyone of u experience this too?



If you really were "AV savvy", you wouldn't have bought an Emerson.


You couldn't get the TV until you got in your car and drove around to the back loading dock with the receipt. That's how they did it here in Dallas...

It was very unorganized. Vouchers were given out at 5:00 p.m. instead of 5:00 a.m. Fortunately, Only 3 of the 12 voucher holders redeemed their vouchers, but they only sold 6 (don't ask me where they learned how to count) and after standing in line for close to 2 hours (which wasn't that bad), I was able to purchase that TV...

After my bank declined my transaction twice, I used debit and got it. I took my receipt and went straight to my truck to go to the back.

I thought they may have oversold the TV, so I was #2 in line instead of the 8th one to have purchased it... Don't think I will do that again.....


At least I got mine. I got it home and the screen was busted.

Of course they can not order me a new one. and refuse to exchange it for the next best item.


You guys are on ***. She paid for the product and they should set it aside at the loading area for her to pick it up in her car like every other year. They should upgrade her or at the very least minor dicount for the inconvienece.


Thank you! I have contacted Corp Walmart several times and have yet to receive a response.


Why didn't you put the TV in your cart before going to the check out? That is what anybody else would do.

I wouldn't pay for anything that I didn't have in my cart and I wouldn't go to the check out and pay for the TV until I was completely done shopping in case I had my back turned for a minute and somebody else took it out of my cart.

I have heard of that happening. Why should they give you a different TV just because you screwed up?


I did not want to be walking around Walmart with a TV when I was still had other itemsw to shop for. How the *** did I screw when the cashier assured me that the TV was available for pick up?

I had a receipt indicating that I paid for the TV. My point is is what happened to the TV.

I am over the situation. I am going to Costco to buy a better TV I just wanted the deal.


Also, it was dark and 5am...I didn't want to go out to my truck and come back in the store. Thank you!


Nothing can be done for you, deal with it. This sort of thing happens all the time. Unless you're physically holding the TV you foolish to think you will get it.


If I have a receipt indicating that I PURCHASED the TV why shouldn't I have it. It's not my fault they were loading them in a different area.