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Toys-R-Us had a great deal on Guitar Hero bundles for 14.99 (a manufacturer's coupon). Sadly, all of our stores were out so we wanted to hit up Walmart who has a price match guarantee in which you need no idea.

Mind you this deal IS in the Toys-R-Us print ad. When we got up to the cashier, the lady started doing the price match and then another associate came running up to say "We're not honoring that." She told me it was just a Toy-R-Us gimmick. Even when told that she is violating her own company policy, she just kept trying to humiliate me. My boyfriend went in to get it cleared up as he had done this deal earlier with no problem.

They made him wait 30 mins, refused to give him their names, and proceed to berate him by lying. "This coupon isn't from the manufacturer". It says MANFR on it. "It has no expiration date".

July 23rd. "We can't get our money back." Well that's not our problem, you have a price match guarantee. The only thing a manager (which none of these are) is allowed to decide is if it is their territory or not. We will be contacting the corporate office about this.

You DON'T humiliate your customers. I work in the customer service field and if I ever did that to a customer, I'd get canned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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We have gone to Walmart twice with the sales ad buy 1 get 1 free and I even printed out Walmarts policy and they still say that can't honor it. Mind you now you don't have to show an ad so basically a person can walk in a make up a price and you will honor it but when they show you an ad along with a print out of Walmarts policy you won't. We e-mailed the corporate office to see what they say becuase it just sounds crazy and to make it worse the employees act like they have no clue that Walmart has a honor competitors price policy.


Walmart advertising price match, and then being told they would not price match unless you bring in the ad!!!

You are not alone!

White house, tn


To my knowledge, Toys "R" Us honored their deal until it expired. Unfortunately, there were some cases where individual TRU managers took it upon themselves to deny transactions, due to ignorance of the promotion, confusion about the details, and, in a few isolated cases, bad faith. During the week, corporate sent out several memos, each further clarifying the terms of the promotional offer, but they never killed the deal.

re: "Wal-Mart will not match coupons"

Walmart accepts both manufacturers' and competitors' coupons.

re: "yea there are someetimes misprints in other peoples ads.. "

Yes, sometimes there are misprints in ads. However, the $15 price was not one of them. Both the Toys "R" Us and Activision have stated that this deal was legit.

re: "company policy is company policy.."

And, where in that (admittedly one-sided) account do you see a violation of their company policy. To the contrary, it appears to me that her boyfriend satisfied every objection raised concerning said policy.

"There are a few exceptions to the price match guarantee and it seems like they felt this was one. If you don't like it, don't shop there."

And it seems like the poster and her boyfriend felt this was not one of the exceptions. So, their problem is with the employees, not with the company policy as they understand it. Therefore the proper course of action is to contact corporate, the only party whose interpretation of the policy really matters. And, let their response determine whether you continue to frequent their establishments.


part of the price match "restrictions" is the item has to be in stock at the competitor and Wal-Mart will not match coupons or percent-off ads...........


Long story. Toys R Us won't honor it anymore. Do an internet search and take it up with Toys R Us not Walmart.


yea there are someetimes misprints in other peoples ads.. they usually call and tell other stores of this error.

i was a csm and it does happen.. and company policy is company policy..

she could get fired but obviously its not you so you dont care.. and i agree if you dont like it dont shop there..


"Well that's not our problem, you have a price match guarantee"

How is it not your problem? I would say it most certainly is.

There are a few exceptions to the price match guarantee and it seems like they felt this was one. If you don't like it, don't shop there.