Rochester, New York

I was looking for a patio table and chairs. I had looked at several different stores and online.

I was not able to find the chairs and table that I liked. I had someone suggest to try Walmart online. There it was the table and chairs that I wanted. It was on their Site to Store web site.

The table was priced @ $568.00. In the ad it stated it was a 5 piece set which showed a picture of a table, 4 chairs, and an umbrella which made it a 6 piece set. On the same web page it showed the same table and 4 chairs for $89.30. I tried to order and was unable to process the order.

I went to 2 Walmart stores and they were also unsuccessful. I then tried their customer service which I showed the ad to them and they said I would have to talk to their supervisor. I was put on hold for about 15min. and when I tried to tell the supervisor about the add he was unable to bring it up, but I was unable to also bring it up.

The next day I was able to bring up the same ad again and printed a copy of the ad. I composed a letter to Walmart Corp. and included a copy of the ad with the 2 patio sets highlighted.

I sent this letter to them in July 2012 and as of October 2012 I have not heard from them. They say they will match a competitors ad, but they won't honor their own.

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I work at a retail store myself and absolutely hate the people coming in complaining about online prices being different then in the store... GUESS WHAT that is how it has been since internet shopping was first introduced for almost EVERY store.

have you been hiding in a whole? i knew this when i was like 14 years old because i knew how to read!


Walmart price match policy specifically states that the match competitors, not other Walmarts or


walmart does not honor prices in store. They have online sales and prices for online only.


Did it ever occur to you that the ad could have been a misprint. As an example awhile back on the KMart website I ordered a faux fur vest that was listed as a women's faux fur vest for a young developmentally disabled woman that I know that has been wanting one and when it arrived it turned out to be a girl's size.

I didn't bother sending it back because I have a niece that can use it. But I did let KMart know about it, and it is now described as a girl's faux fur vest on the web site.