I had to use the bathroom O was very dirty *** all over sales girl nasty very upset me to all I Noble no more sincerely gorgonzola minisinki

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Usually the maintenance guys clean them several times a day. I don't see why you're even upset.

If people would clean up after theirselves, there wouldn't be a problem.

It's a public restroom. Get over it.


Next time, please ask someone who speaks English as their native language to assist you, before you start posting online.


When you type like you are still in kindergarten you have no right calling someone old enough to work a "girl". Also try not to use public washrooms if you can help it they are usually dirty, practically ones at subway stations.

Unfortunately people cannot always keep up with the mess people make.

To do this they would have to stand in the washroom 24 hours a day. In other words have mommy take you to the washroom at home, tell her you need to go to the washroom before you leave the house.