Standing in line to pick up medicine is to difficult for disabled people. The pharmacy would run much more efficiently if they went back to the take a number system.

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I guess I'm lucky. My pharmacy is nice enough that if I let them know that I can't stand and wait I'm like they will tell me to have a seat and they call me ny name when I'm ready. I still have to wait my turn but I can do it while sitting comfortably.


your are being discriminant to everyone else. go have your pitty party some where else.

show some respect for your self! btw its first come first serve. same thing!

if you drop off you script and wait you are "behind" everyone esle that dropped off a script and waited. i have no problem with my "disability" because the world doesnt go around me!

First Born Triplet
to get over yourself #882700

I think she means that if they still had the number system she can sit on a bench near the pharmacy and wait for her number to be called or relax instead of standing, because she has trouble standing.


What is wrong with waiting for your number to be called? What I am getting from this is you are saying you are disabled so you should not have to wait for your number to be called, you should get preferred treatment and be helped before those who were there before you? However I bet if you were singled out for being disabled you would scream discrimination, it is still discrimination to get preferred treatment, only it would be in your favor so it would not matter to you.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #882699

That is what she wants, a number system so she can sit and relax until her number is called, not too much to ask.

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