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I had a balance with an interest rate of 4.99% for life of loan with WalMart Discover Card, with all additional purchases at a rate of 22.90%. In July of 2010, I made an additional purchase of $1700.00. I made a payment to WalMart Discover in the amount of $1800.00 on 07/29/2010. According to the new credit card bill of rights legislation, any amount paid on a credit card that is more than the minimum payment should be applied to the balance with the highest interest rate. WalMart chose instead to apply the full amount of my payment to my previous balance (which was at the rate of 4.99%).

My new September statement shows my new balance as having an interest rate of 22.90%. When I contacted WalMart Discover, I was told that I paid my bill "too early", and as a result, I lost the benefit of the 4.99% interest rate! I was told by their Rep that I should have waited until I received my bill in the mail before paying them!

WalMart Disover played a dirty trick and trapped a good paying customer (who had never been late on payments) into a higher interest rate with the excuse that I paid them "too early"! This little dirty trick on the part of Walmart Discover could cost me an additional $400.00 per year in interest (What a way to treat a good customer). I warned a supervisor with WalMart Discover that if his company chose to punish good customers for paying their bills, that they needed to realize that customers did have other options (such as to not pay their bills at all!) I may now have to raid my retirement account in order to pay off this bill in entirety, but I will pay it. Shame on Walmart Discover for causing me this hardship. I'm pretty sure that I'm only one of countless customers that have suffered this type of abusive treatment. Good customers deserve better treatment from banks that would have gone bankrupt, had it not been for taxpayer-funded bailouts!

I refuse to be abused by companies that believe in ripping off consumers, simply because they can get away with it. My advice to anyone out there is to transfer your WalMart Discover credit card balances to another card, cut up your WalMart Discover card, and hit them right where it hurts--in the pocketbook! REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

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Oh never mind, I misread the date. I was supposed to pay it a month ago.

But it is their own fault instead of putting the month in letters they put it in words likc 06.

I thougty 06 was the month of July. They really should put the actual date instead of numbers.