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This store is awful. The manger William Hudson discriminates against homeless customers.

I was asked to leave in broad daylight because I was sitting in my vehicle doing job applications on my phone. Yet, they are allowing campers to completely set up with slides out and vehicle un-attached. This is complete discrimination. I wasn't sleeping.

They are using it as a campground. I didn't know it was wrong to sit in the parking lot after making my purchase! Yet some are allowed to stay! This manager needs fired.

I will be seeking the advice of an attorney. Walmart has become a giant joke!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You should sue Wal-Mart, The President, The Government, The FBI, HUD, and the Salvation Army!


Wow. You come across as high matainence.

Their property, leave. Problem solved


A lawyer? Really?

You are homeless and unemployed. Exactly what do you expect a lawyer to do? ITS PRIVATE PROPERTY!! They can pick and chose who they wish to let stay on THEIR PROPERTY!!

Obviously you are a serial camper and management is tired of letting you stay on THEIR PRIVATE PROPERTY!! Do you get it yet?? You have zero right to complain about them exercising their legal right!! Maybe realize that homeless and jobless is NOT THEIR PROBLEM.

That is 100% on you. They have every right to tell you to get off their property if they so chose. It’s not discrimination. It’s their right!

Another low life nit wit who failed basic schooling. Exactly what grade was it that you dropped out? Sixth? Fifth?

I know it was before basic social studies of high school. Your lack of education is evident in your failed understanding of basic laws. If you can’t even get a job and a roof over your head then how do you get expect to pay a lawyer? They cost money and even if a lawyer was crazy enough to try and take your case they would almost certainly lose and YOU are on the hook for ALL of the legal fees, for both sides.

We all understand being homeless but it’s NOT a free pass to level slanderous and defaming comments. Maybe they got tired of you stinking up the store. Maybe they got tired of your panhandling.

Maybe they just got tired of dealing with th complaining customers YOU have been hitting up for money. Either way they don’t NEED a reason to ask you to leave.


Don't waste your money on an attorney. You have no right to sit on someone else's property.

Homeless is not a protected class. Go park out on the street to post your job applications.

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