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I was told that my dog must be removed from the cart. I am disabled so I can't carry her.

I have had others complain that the dog is in the way when they are walking. So I always bring a blanket to completely cover the seat. He said it didn't matter. He said the FDA is checking the carts for ***.

I asked what about kids with poopy diapers that I see a lot. He said "just remove the dog". I did to avoid the embarrassment he caused me in front of other customers. But ADA trumps FDA.

They need to be re-educated. He said it was Walmart's policy.

Reason of review: Service Dog Bias.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Products.

Walmart Cons: Service dog policies.

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Please go to this link. This is some Q&A's regarding service animals.

You need to check it out so you know what you're talking about. You'll notice that comfort and other kinds of animals are NOT service animals and don't have the same rights. Also notice that none of them can ride in shopping cart. Even true service animals stay on the floor.

Their are a few questions that stores can ask, you need to know what they are. These assume you are not lying.

There is also a lot more information on the ADA site, these are just a few QAs. Check it out, it's interesting and you will actually know this information.


I hate going into any store and seeing animals being placed in carts. I don't care if it is a service animal keep it out of the carts.

Some of these animals do more than ride in the carts and those that are allowed to walk I often see sniffing meat packs displayed and in a couple cases licking them. No keep the animals out of the food areas and if they are not a real service animal keep them out of the store. I would like to see a better regulated service animal registration law.

This would stop or at least give the stores more leverage in keeping out non service animals. I say make it mandatory that all service animals must be registered and have a sort of picture ID.


Under the ADA service dogs can nit be in the cart any way


Agree but it doesn't stop it.


I had the same issue. My solution is to go somewhere else.

They said it was the health department causing the rule. I called the health dept., they said they don't regulate that at all. Walmart corp.

told me it was a company policy. I will spend my $1,000 a month with someone else.


i am dealing with this exact issue...i bring a blanket and put between my dog and the cart. i cant carry him cuz i have cts and i need him close to me for seizure disorder. now i have employees asking for id and certification...which they are NOT allowed to do...i have been chased down by same employee 4 different times so now its harassment!


This whole service dog thing has gotten out of control. Walmart lets anyone who says their dogs are a service dog let them in.

People can get service dog vest, papers, pins, and anything they need online. It has harmed the TRUE SERVICE ANIMALS.

Animals are trained by professional. People need to leave their animals at home or GET THEM TRAINED professionally


I agree service animals are just that service those with pets need to leave their animals at home or in the car. I hate to shop and see animals in the carts and some look as if they haven't ever had a bath and stink.

No I think the Walmart and other stores that sell food items need to be allowed to limit access and ask for verification of training. Also for those that bring all their animals into a store FORGET IT.


I was told the same thing I remove my dog but left her clean bed on the children space and i was told once again that i need to removed the her bed, customers had step in the past on my service dog since she is a 3.6oz yorkie. I'm a veteran with PTS, deaf, and with a limp. I believe Walmart should change their policies about service small dogs.


I went thru the same thing my puppy was inside a brand new carrier inside cart and they said it was unsanitary . Really you want me to walk a 4 lb dog around your store?

You let labs, Great Danes, pit bulls etc who are shedding hair all over and that's sanitary ? I wash my cart down because I don't want them catching diseases from the nasty diapers and people I've seen go in and out.


I was just in the Walmart, in Cooper City, Florida, where management did not want to do a thing about a non service dog.


Good for Them! They SHOULD BE COMMENDED!!!!!


I had the same experience at Walmart on April 16th,2015. I had put a clean blanket under my Yorkie.

She was in the small child's seat. I placed her on the floor, after the manager spoke with me. My dog became really nervous so I carried her but had difficulty shopping, and my arms hurt.

One lady that I talked to in Walmart had spent $50.00 on a dog carrier on wheels. Well that is nice but not everyone can afford that and it is the principle of the policy that matters.

It is difficult enough for folks with any type of disability to cope without Walmart putting up more barriers to shopping in their store.

This policy is also not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Too bad for Walmart.


Ya must like dog hair in your products not thinking of anyone else granted I understand the disability but you need to also think of others if you can invested I. A dog then you can Invest in a stroller for the dog just stop already just plain nasty I have yet to to see a dirty diaper in a cart if so those ppl are just as nasty but I don’t see no pics of that cause there seems to not be enough complains about thAt until you can’t have your dog in a cart respect the rules and regulations and stop trying to find excuse and loopholes just to have the dog in a cart you should be thankful the service are welcome one dog no dog will be able to come into walmart due all this and that folks are working on that keep that in mind those who are fibbing


How about this... Go find a friend! And not some imaginary person...


Next time keep your wife in the car ---" BADDA-BING!!!!


lmao! op is discriminating a "companion dog".

its a type of animal to make one "feel good or not lonely" a real service dog doesnt ride in carts because they are "working dogs". yes walmart is right it is a health violation and safety.(if a real service dogs pees or *** than walmart has to clean it up by law most real owners will inform the employees) also your dog should be leashed! unfortunately the disability act does not allow a "veneration" of a service dog. this oversight has caused many to misunderstand and misuse of service dogs.

(or pigs or monkeys each have a different skill). if your "dog" was service it wont get in "peoples way" even if its a seizure dog so if i saw you i would escort you and your companion dog out. i havent been wrong yet on which are service and which are companion. if i ever do mistake i will apologize and im not worry about "an action law suit".

i know what an owner of one acts like and how one acts. the disability act needs to allow for a certification. its a real safety concern. i saw a dog and own that just didnt look right so a went ask the magic words ("is that a service animal?") and just before i got there a kid of about 5 "petted" the dog and all *** broke lose!

(yes the parents should of done a better job) the guy wanted to sue me for throwing his dog. nothing happened because guess what it wasnt a "service dog." i really want a registration for service animals. like police dogs go to " school" and get a certificate saying it completed it. (they just dont pick up a random dog and train it how ever they want) i know it wont happen because of time and money and to be taken as "discriminating" to people with disabilities.

(i feel it will prevent those "half asked" dog service programs and protect people) i have read the act and deal with the act a lot.

real service animals are a great tool but too many people abuse it. that's my two sense


you are wrong on so many points, even the part that says pigs & monkeys can be service animals. (Only dogs and miniature horses) Also, the professional trainers of service dogs often get their dogs from the shelter....not just purebreds.

And by the way you signed it "just my two sense".

Its cents........oh, brother. That explains a lot.

Let me know where you work and I'll have a parade of service dogs & lawyers there.


Dogs from shelters are all jacked in the head and also have nervous problems. not good for service.

The one I got humped everything in site and bit my toe. had to put it down.


sounds like you shouldn't have a dog at all