I saw an online ad from Walmart.com (about 2 weeks ago) for Pepsi product cases for $5.00. That is a good deal.

I went to my local Walmart (Oshkosh. WI) and they told me they don't honor online prices. I was pissed.

I went back to the website and looked again. There is NO WAY you can order this online either! It also did say "at participating stores" and "prices may vary at local stores". Okay. so I went back to my local Walmart and asked again. They told me they have never honored online prices because those prices are always cheaper. AND they suggested ordering it online!

Well, I wrote a seething letter to Walmart Corporate. They returned saying basically that they were sorry. BIG FRICKIN' DEAL!

I am going to check with a lawyer about suing them for false advertising.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

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Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States #891340

Dude, I worked at that store. It's against the law to honor some online prices.

Wisconsin laws prohibit selling products below cost. I know this review is old as *** and you'll probably never see this, but come on now! Have some common sense. It's customers like you who think you're entitled to everything that make retail jobs ***.

That's why the "at participating stores" and "prices may vary" taglines exist, because those prices are out there somewhere, just not for everyone.


Your are really willing to sue over pepsi? If you didn't like it go to another store!

First Born Triplet
to Walmart Employee #891620

There is another person trying to sue your company because the costumes she had her children try on gave them allergic reactions.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #150641

you are the dummy if you think that online prices are the same as in store prices. i am only eleven and know better than you.


I also wrote to Walmart Corporate and they told me that it was against local laws and to check at the store. Dummies, I checked at the store first and they told me they do not honor ad pricing. OK


Wisconsin has a minimum markup law. While the store may wish to sell the product at that price a state law prohibits them from selling the items at or below cost.


Online prices are cheaper than store prices.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #143373

Actually isn't this personn too young to sue anyway, even if she did have a case? I mean you have to be an adult to sue and from her letter it appears she is four years old(well behavior and attitude wise) I guess she does not understand that Wal-mart and walmart.com are not the same, nor does she understand what "at participating locations" or "varies from store to store" means. Anyone over the age of four would know this.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #143372

As a lawyer let me tell you, don't waste your time, you do not have a case, they can back themselves with their "at participating locations, and "prices vary from local stores"

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