Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania
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I have had the worst luck with Walmart.More then once I have had to call Walmart about store problems.A couple weeks ago I needed a set of speakers for my brothers car so I looked on Walmart web site to check on speakers and to see if any local stores had the speakers I needed and Walmart web site said that every store in my area had them.Well I get in my car and drive to my local store only to find out that NO Stores had the speakers.I called Walmart and complained only to have some young woman blow me off..(think she was busy doing her nails or something) and had to ask her to get me someone else to talk to.The next person I talked to said he was sorry and would have the store manager call me and maybe they could order the speakers.Well,because I have complained to Walmart many times over store problems I never got a call back.So I went to Amazon and ordered a better set of speakers made by the same company at a LOWER price then Walmart had on the lower grade of speakers!!!

I will never shop at Walmart again...I would rather go to Target,K-Mart or order on line because Walmart does not care about customer service!!

For the people who read this post my advice to you is Don't just sit back and let these big companies give you a run around..CALL..COMPLAIN...and just don't buy from them!! YOU as a consumer should be treated with respect because it is YOUR money and YOUR time that makes or breaks a business.WALMART...SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I always call ahead to make sure they have an item that I want.


With you for a "customer," a store does not need enemies.