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I am a disabled customer and have had nothing but problems shopping at Walmart in Northwest GA. They let people park anywhere even in the handicap parking spots without a permit or in the no parking area right beside the handicap parking area that sometimes will block the handicap parking.

When I complained they told me that they can't do anything because it was located on private property. BS!!!!!! Also the electric shopping carts never are working and if you go into one door and there are none but some on the other side the greeters tell you to go get it yourself. If I could walk across the store to the other side why would I need an electric shopping cart.

Also they closes the doors at night after 11 PM if you park on that side of the parking lot you are SCREWED. I parked one side of the parking lot in a handicapp parking space not knowing about the side I parked on would be closing after 11 PM because I had never been to this Walmart. No one let me know when I can in and asked for a electric shopping cart. I finished my shopping and wait in line for over 15 minutes and went to the side I came in.

The store greeter told me that this side was close at 11 PM and I had to go across the store to the other side and across the parking lot on a stormy rainy night by myself who is a female. I ask and begged with the greeter and she told me that I needed to do what she told me to do and there was no way those doors where going to be open. I kept telling her I was parked in a handicapp parking spot on this side and she told me that I just needed to do what she said. I asked if I could speak to a manager and she told me that night managers do not need to be bothered with a silly thing like this.

Needless to say I had to go to the other side of the store and when I got there I was told that I could not use the electric cart outside to get to my car. I needed to walk across the parking lot. I was not happy and no one helped me even when I asked to my car. It took me a long time and I almost did not make it.

I had to sit in the stormy and rainy weather on the ground several times before I got to my car. Thanks a lot Walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Parking.

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Walmart is about to get a big surprise from my husband and I!!!!! They obviously do not care about handicap people being able to shop at their stores!!!!

Since they are the only store in our town now ( because they ran every other business out of town) we feel they should accommodate everyone in our community that are disabled!!! We live in a small town in Indiana where about 50-60% of the population have disabilities! Don't be surprised if by the time this is all done if it does not bring national headlines!!!!! My husband was born with a rare disease called perthies and has been disabled all of his life.

He will have to have total hip replacement and he is 32! He is currently working as a shop Forman until the surgery.

We are very big on rights for handicap individuals!!!!


As an employee at Wal-Mart I can say that my store attempts to do a better job in this matter. When covering greeters breaks I have always done my best to help those coming into the store.

If a customer happens to come in through the door where there are no electric carts (something I don't understand why they aren't there) I will ensure that one is brought over for them. I have also seen other greeters do this as well. When it comes to leaving the store I and many other employees are content to help a person who requires it to load their car or the like. I have also ran into the issue of a car being parked illegally over the hash marks when loading for someone.

After being specifically asked by the customer I simply backed the car out a bit for them (although doing so is completely against store policy).

In short, not all stores and employees don't want to help. Some people as is the same everywhere are just ignorant.


Well for you crippled freaks who are having trouble stay at home. We don't need your broken bodies preventing us from shopping because you are too slow or our wheelchair breaks down in the middle of the asile. Don't shop at my local Walmart, Kmart or Target freaks.


I am a double below knee amputee with several other medical issues from birth and use a power chair. I drive a full size van with a lift to transport my chair. On the VERY RARE occasion I can locate a handicapped space with wide hash marks on the side of the lift, I feel blessed. Rarely have I returned to my van and NOT find an illegally parked car or motorcycle parked within a foot of my lift doors, parked over the hash marks, preventing me from being able to get back in my van until they decide to come out.

I have contacted store security and management only to be ignored. I have contacted local police depts and been told there is nothing they can do to ticket or tow the illegally parked vehicle since it is a "private parking lot". After hearing this excuse yet again, I asked the officer what will happen when this person comes back out and I begin doing all i can to beat the living *** out of them? the officer advised I would be arrested for assault. I questioned how he had the authority to do that yet has no authority to enforce illegally parked cars. meanwhile my groceries melt and ruin while I am forced to sit and wait.

I could give hundreds of gripe stories about Wal Marts refusal to enforce handicapped parking. I know their reasoning, they are afraid they will anger the customer illegally parked, yet have no care of the countless number of disabled customers they are loosing. I would gladly take part in a picket until Walmart authorizes their useless outdoor security to enforce these spaces. Many times I have found the store security cart parked in a handicapped space or parked over the hash marks.

My very last visit to a walmart was over a year ago when I arrived at the store I was in great need of a restroom. As I stated, I was born with various issues at birth, one being limited bowell control. I rushed into the store finding the nearest ladies room. Out of the 8 regular and empty stalls, there was 1 wheelchair stall, of course occupied. I could see under the door the person was not in a chair nor did I see crutches or a cane. I did not even see a stroller which I can sometimes understand a mother not wanting to leave a child unattended.

I moved back and forth at the stall door, making it very clear a wheelchair was in need of that stall. I verbally asked if they would be long as the urgency became greater. I heard nothing in return.

As the stall door opened, a walmart employee exited, looked me direct in the eyes, turned her name tag backwards so I could not see her name, never saying a word, walked passed me and left.

to my great embarassment, the use of this stall was too late for me, so I turned and followed this employee back into the store. In a loud voice I continued to ask why she felt the need to use the only wheelchair stall?

She began to run in attempts to escape me, but did not know just how fast my chair will go. She finally ran thru an employee only door thinking this would stop me. At this point I was ready for a 'show down'. finally a manager became involved, I made a point of taking the conversation back into the general customer area of the store so as many customers as possible could hear.

As I stated, that was my LAST visit to that walmart as well as any other. I will go to as many stores as needed to obtain what I require and have found by doing so, I have discovered much better prices at stores such as Big Lots, Winn Dixie, Dollar Stores, etc.

Walmart can now and forever kiss my fat handicapped ***!!!


Another thing I wish is that there was a Wal-Mart store near me that helps their disabled customers like Jessica's store does.

I have never found a Wal-Mart that would find me a scooter or help me as much as Jessica's store does.

I have called ahead for a scooter, with no luck...I have begged the greeter to get me one, with no luck...I have tried every trick in the book to get a scooter for myself, with no luck.

I have called the manager and the co-manager said that the home office dictates how many scooters they can have and his store is restricted to only 8. It's a supercenter in Jacksonville Florida

and when I went in there, there were two that were charging up. My friend followed a lady out to her car and helped her unload her bags and then brought the scooter back to me. It was almost dead, the battery that is, but it valiantly carried me all over the store before it died. Praise God.

Wal-Mart, get a clue. We disables would spend a lot of money in your stores if you gave us a chance.



4. Written by Heather, on 18-10-2009 12:22

Every Walmart closes one set of doors at a time of night. At my Walmart, there's a sign that clearly says that the doors will be locked.

Are you even disabled, or are you just a lazy obese person claiming that you're "handicapped"?


Sure wish I could get this person in a room just for about 3 minutes and show her exactly what handicapped means. I would love to do that to this ***.


For those who say all wheelchair persons do is complain about this or that I say, if you would have the experience to be in one for a month and realize the difficulties that are put on a disabled person by un-caring, self-absorbed people you might understand better. I doubt very seriously that you could last very long at this.

Remember Everything must be performed from a chair. No standing.No walking through doorways or bathroom entrances.All transfers into your vehicle.

If there are stairs you must lower yourself to the ground and crawl.Walmart allows for disabled persons to have acessability to their stores yet does very little to inforce the rules they themselves put in place. SHAME ON YOU WALMART.


Another trouble spot for walmart is the lift-van parking spaces. I use one and had returned from the store to find someone had parked in the striped off area where my lift needed to lower to the ground.

I had to wait 1.75 hours to get the matter resolved. The store is on Denver ave in Loveland Colorado manager Ty White. finally a police officer backed my car out of the space so that I could get inside, It was 17 degrees outside and the manager gave every excuse as why he could not resolve the problem. Announcements were made to the driver of the illegally parked car with no response.

Finally the car was ticketed but an hour and 75 minutes had been wasted. I work for a home-care agency and was delayed in my delivery of medicine and supplies.

I hope someone at wal-mart reads this and can teach manager Ty White to do a better job. Wal-mart is falling so fast


people have nother better to do than complain about everything. like for example.

all reg are open store is packed. and can you belive a grouch said you need more cashiers.


Every Walmart closes one set of doors at a time of night. At my Walmart, there's a sign that clearly says that the doors will be locked.

Are you even disabled, or are you just a lazy obese person claiming that you're "handicapped"?


So this happened in Georgia? Gee, I thought you southerners were supposed to be so hospitable?

Guess not.

The cart people always bring me an electric cart whenever I ask. I don't have to go into the store first.

+1 for us Yankees!


I am disabled and use my own electric wheelchair I shop at Wal-Mart all the time and I have had the same experience in the parking lot. But Wal-Mart is not unique with this problem most anywhere you go you will run into the same problem parking you can only blame the other inconsiderate people for that not Wal-Mart. But to the problem of the sarcastic employees that should be reported to Wal-Mart corporate office they most likely won't do anything about it but you'll feel better for it.


The local police department is responsible for handicap parking problems, give them a call next time.


I work for Wal-mart and we treat our disabled customers with them shop, bring their bags to the cars, even get their electric cart for them. One store is not ALL Wal-mart stores. I'm tired of customers bashing Wal-mart.


I work at a Walmart too and I'm also happy to say that we do not do this to our customers. Our boss even said that people can take the cart outside to their car.

Some people just have a hard time walking. Heck, we'll even help you out to your car if you ask.

You can call 1 - 8 0 0 walmart or 1 - 8 0 0 wm ethic. You can also call the number on the receipt and ask to talk to a manager.


Then stop shopping there, ***.


I work at a Wal-mart in Wisconsin and I'm happy to say that we do not do this to our customers! I wish you could come to our store because up here we are more than happy to get the electric carts for you and to help you get your belongings to you vehicle no matter what time of night it is. Hope some day you'll get to see that!