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i went to walmart on sept 28, 2015. i walked in and went to get a buggy.

i fell down hard! i filed an incident report with a manager. the next day she called to see how i was doing. i told her i am trying to walk off the pain.

by wednesday i knew i needed to go get help. i contacted walmart to get a claim # so i could go to urgentcare. i waited 3 hrs and then left. to this day i am getting the run around.

i still have pain and am now facing surgery on my shoulder. the first thing the surgeon asked me is if i had a recent accident. Walmart told me it was not their fault and have been ignoring me ever since. they will NOT let me see the tape of the fall.

i cannot afford an attorney to fight this.

I was really hoping Walmart would do the right thing and help me out, but they only care about the money!!!!! I WILL NEVER GIVE THEM ANOTHER PENNY OF MY MONEY AGAIN !

Reason of review: walmart does NOT care about their customers.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Being treated like i was out to sue them for millions of dollars.

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Fisted face i pray this does not happen to you! I was reaching for a buggy for gosh sakes.

do you look down to see what you are doing? i was talking to an employee there and she said good luck, they treat the employees the same way! so yes, my comment stands, they could care less about anything but money! and let me tell you something.

my sister had a friend helping her out when she had surgery. the person fell down our basement steps and yes, my insurance HAD to pay for medical bills. so, why do I have to pay for damages and Walmart doesnt. I was at 2 stores prior to walmart and had no problems.

and no, i am NOT a clutz. I walked into that store like i did a million times before. so keep your crude comments to yourself. you do not know the situation.

this is why you have insurance! if i had been running or messing around then i would say my bad!


Stop trying to get compensated for your own clumsiness. So your insurance had to pay when someone fell down your basement stairs.

I guess that meant that they determined that it wasn't that persons fault and was a safety issue with your stairs. That doesn't mean that anytime someone falls down someplace that it is the establishments fault just because that was the findings in your home. Walmart insurance covers accidents due to their negligence not yours. I'm insured so does that mean that if you come to my house and trip over your own shoelaces and fall flat on your face then I am liable and my insurance has to pay?


Sorry it just doesn't work like that. Move on, your not getting paid for this#Just watch your step from now



excuse me, but you were not there. that floor in our walmart is all messed up.

it was raining outside which could have resulted in my fall. it happened so fast, so no, i dont know how i fell. so i guess i am clumsy because i slipped on something? i would like to see the tape because i do not trust anybody.

if their floor had anything to do with my fall, then yes, i expect compensation. if i was out to "get" walmart i would have stayed on the floor and made a big scene.

and they ARE giving me the run around, as the corporate office said they would investigate and call me back. never heard from them since.


Walmart has dealt with thousands of falls, and this one will go nowhere fast. Talk to an attorney and (s)he will tell you the same thing. No compensation, period.


Why do you need to see the tape? You don't know how you fell?

I'm sorry that you were hurt but get real, it seems like you are just looking for someone to blame and get compensated for your own clumsiness. They did call to see how you were doing. In your opinion, doing the "right thing" is paying you for something that you did to yourself. Just because you fell at their store doesn't automatically make it their fault.

Surely if you tripped over merchandise in the way or the floor was wet or slippery and there were no signs put in place to warn customers then yes it would be Walmarts responsibiliy.Stumbling or tripping over your own feet or even if you got dizzy, felt faint or weak and that caused your fall then that is in no way Walmarts responsibility. They haven't been giving you the run around.

They have already informed you that the fall was not their fault after viewing the tape.What more do you need for them to say? Call the corporate office and ask them why you can't view the tape.