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On 1/12/16, I was looking at Walmart's clearance Christmas items. They had an entire wall of Christmas items that said 75% off in multiple places on the wall.

They had several ornament storage boxes that were on this wall directly under a 75% off sign. They rang up at the regular price. When I told the cashier, she said they were not on clearance. I spoke to a supervisor and assistant store manager who walked over the shelf and saw several of the ornament storage boxes.

He said that an employee must have put them in the wrong place, because they were not on sale. I was only buying 2 of the boxes and they wouldn't even give them to me at the 75% off advertised price! He offered to give me 10% off instead.

That's ridiculous! I don't care if they were put in the wrong spot, they should have honored that price of 75% off!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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The 75 percent off is on christmas decorations, christmas wrapping paper. Not for storage boxes or hallmark items.


It is for everything except for single holiday cards and some Christmas foods such as shortbread cookies that you make from dough and Christmas Oreo cookies. They are then reduced by store manager.

Your facts are wrong. But most of the items that were not 50 and then 75 percent off that were regular price last year sold out quickly this year, I mean like Before November ended. When we liked their peppermint Oreo cookies and went for more I think in middle of December they were gone and only the Great Value was left. As a matter of fact they were gone before Oreo's were on sale for $1.97.

This being all flavors. Off topic, I miss the Banana Split Oreo's and want to try the Smores ones.


I thought this site was to vent complaints, not to be harassed because you disagree with me. I should have gotten the 75 percent off, but I did not.

I admit I was getting angry at this time and I was being loud and using some words that I should not have used. Other customers were looking at me and this made me even more upset that they were not minding their own business. I was asked to leave the store. I told them I would nt until I got 75 percent off.

They called the police because I told them to.

The police sided with them because the probably get discounts or free items form them. Will never be back.