November 16, 2015

I live in Anchorage, Alaska. The winter temps here are no worse than Minneapolis.

I purchased a Walmart Everstart Maxx (5 year) 78N battery in February of 2014. Since it is now November 2015, I've had this battery for 1 year and 9 months. Yesterday morning, the battery failed. So I went to the Walmart on Debarr, here in Anchorage, to buy a new one. When I got home I pulled the old battery and put in the new one and my vehicle started up right away with no problem.

Printed on the side of the old battery in large print, it says “3 YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT PLUS 2 YEAR PRO RATA”. Seems pretty straight forward, right? Unfortunately, Walmart would not give me a refund on the old battery.

I would point out, that since I did not have my receipt for the old battery, the “Walmart customer service” did run the serial number of the old battery through either their website or that of the battery manufacturer. On the printout the Walmart employee gave me it states:

“Eligible for Exchange refund: No

Reason: Consumer return period has expired”

I was given no other explanation of what to do other than call the toll free number on the battery.

Furthermore, on the signage above the battery display at the Walmart, it reads the same language as is printed on the side of the battery, “3 YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT PLUS 2 YEAR PRO RATA”.

As well, on the receipt I was given for the new battery it states:







Since I didn't have the receipt for the old battery, it clearly states that one is not needed in order to have a “warranty adjustment”. So when I took the old battery back to the store, “Walmart customer service” ran the serial number through their database to verify the sold date of the old battery. After running the serial number through their database, they in fact did verify that the old battery was well within the “warranty adjustment” period for a “3 YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT” as stated above.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $118.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Customer service warranty.

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

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There is a difference between warranty replacement and refund. It is not a 3year refund policy.

If you bring in a battery that tests bad Walmart will replace it within the warranty period. Return and replace period follows the original purchase so you cant just get your replacement than return your replacement. You can however get your replacement, than return the new battery within 90 days of purchase. I have, as a courtesy, returned a new battery without it present, than processed the replacement using the serial number from the new battery that was already in the car.

It is not normal procedure and not everyone can figure out how to work it out this way. Sorry about your experience.


01/14/2019 I've porches a Ever start batter from Walmart and in 11/2019 it started going dead until it stopped and wouldn't hold a charge. Being stranded I had to porches a $ 125.00 battery from Napa auto parts.

When I took the battery back to Walmart I've learned that it had two more months warranty left so I wonted a refund.

No place on the receipt says that Walmart does not give a refund but was told they don't but will replace the battery. I just bought one so why would I need another one from Two company's that don't stand behind their product's.


$80 atv battery lasted 15 days, returned it for exchange. Explained one of the cells would not obsorb all the acid and no matter the time on charger would not show green.

Installed in atv and it cranked it somewhat but figured it would charge eventually. It went so dead display would not operate. Now having to wait for them to charge it for me.

Cannot exchange until their highly qualified dimwits finish with it. Asked for refund to just go buy it elsewhere but cannot since I used it.


I went to 2 Walmart today. The first Walmart said I couldn't get an exchange or pro rata even though I bought the battery in 9/2015.

The second Walmart I went to had a TLE so I went to that department directly. The TLE had 2 managers on duty, shift change I believe. I was able to get the pro rate discounted price for the new battery. They simply looked up the warranty via the serial number and applied the discount.

I got a $97 battery for $57 which came with a new 3 year warranty and 2 year pro rate. All of this without a receipt.


8 month old Everstart 5 year 550CCA Battery returned to Walmart, Arab, Alabama with all receipts for slow cranking in 20 degree weather and measuring 490CCA on my analyzer, I am a Ph.D. degreed Electrical Engineer.

Walmart ran test, it measured 515CCA on the Johnson Controls Battery Manufacturer provided tester, Walmart Employee said good batttery, manager refused refund. Wrote CEO so far.


WALMART Provided full refund a couple weeks after CEO letter.


Just spent over an hour in walmarts automotive department near recency square in jacksonville fl trying to get a replacement battery for one that would not hold a charge. I have never seen such a circle jerk in my life the place was running amuck NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I finally requested my old battery back stoped by an automotive store on the way home they tested it was bad, purchase a new one and out the door.

Cheap prices and a warranty fiasco thats not worth the trouble or the time. Shame on me once but never again !


I have 4 months on a WalMart Maxx 5 year battery. They say if I install it myself there is no warranty.

Complete BS. I won't buy another WM Battery.


I buy my own and install all the time . Been doing it for 13 yrs now .

Noone ever said I didnt have warrenty becuse I installed them. Thay bull *** you


A few minutes ago. I was just about to go to Walmart to buy a battery (same as article).

but now it's making me think a lot about the warranty. Thank you very much


I had the same experience with three stores. All of them said only 90 days!

for three years warranty, call the manufacturer!

I hate Walmart! liars.


I’ve never had any issue with Walmart returns, apparently you go in with a bad attitude thinking they owe u something.


They owe me the warranty i paid for You must work there or something


I stopped shopping in Wal-Mart over 10 years ago when lose prevention had me taken to jail for nothing on my person, never walked out the front door and getting stopped by two eager beavers trying to harass me. They had me come into thier office and searched me not one thing on me but because I had attitude they had the cops come and dont know what they said but they took me to jaifor retail fraud.

I bailed out lost alot and mentally dealt with court for a while and plead quilty to disorderly conduct never anthing elese but they never admitted fault so they lost me as a costumer.

I have spent 10 years losing them business so all and all I'm a peon to them and they don't care about me or about you they care about your almighty dollar. Nothing more or less.


@Mike -must be lucky you were born with the silver *** in your *** Nice of you to dismiss everyone else's problems with walmart's lousy service. Or more likely you're a shill for walmart.


The information states exchange, not a refund.


Walmart sucks


Or just goto TLE(Auto Department) and talk to the people who work with batteries and know what’s going on. The front customer service doesn’t know anything about Automotive.

You need the top sticker with the serial Number and the little colored circle date sticker. The serial number will give Date of Purchase.

And the register will pro rate or give the free exchange accordingly. Usually all that’s needed after that is a CSM to per override the free exchange and you’re done.


That’s all without a receipt mind you.



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