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November 16, 2015

I live in Anchorage, Alaska. The winter temps here are no worse than Minneapolis.

I purchased a Walmart Everstart Maxx (5 year) 78N battery in February of 2014. Since it is now November 2015, I've had this battery for 1 year and 9 months. Yesterday morning, the battery failed. So I went to the Walmart on Debarr, here in Anchorage, to buy a new one. When I got home I pulled the old battery and put in the new one and my vehicle started up right away with no problem.

Printed on the side of the old battery in large print, it says “3 YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT PLUS 2 YEAR PRO RATA”. Seems pretty straight forward, right? Unfortunately, Walmart would not give me a refund on the old battery.

I would point out, that since I did not have my receipt for the old battery, the “Walmart customer service” did run the serial number of the old battery through either their website or that of the battery manufacturer. On the printout the Walmart employee gave me it states:

“Eligible for Exchange refund: No

Reason: Consumer return period has expired”

I was given no other explanation of what to do other than call the toll free number on the battery.

Furthermore, on the signage above the battery display at the Walmart, it reads the same language as is printed on the side of the battery, “3 YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT PLUS 2 YEAR PRO RATA”.

As well, on the receipt I was given for the new battery it states:







Since I didn't have the receipt for the old battery, it clearly states that one is not needed in order to have a “warranty adjustment”. So when I took the old battery back to the store, “Walmart customer service” ran the serial number through their database to verify the sold date of the old battery. After running the serial number through their database, they in fact did verify that the old battery was well within the “warranty adjustment” period for a “3 YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT” as stated above.

This reviewer shared experience about warranty issue and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $118. The author is overall dissatisfied with Walmart. The most disappointing about walmart website from Walmart was customer service warranty Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I was just at a Walmart in Coon Rapids Minnesota and they tried to pull the we don't exchange those in store anymore on me. If you go back to the battery rack there is a booklet that has all the warranty information that states you do not need a receipt for a replacement if it is in the 3-year warranty.

That would be if you haven't EverStart Maxx with the 3 year 2 year warranty. All you do is ask for the general manager showing the booklet and they have to exchange your battery as long as it is dead and will not hold a charge.


I had the same experience in Springfield, TN WALMART. I bought a EVERSTART Maxx battery with a 3 year full replacement warraty and 2 year pro-rated.

Bought the battery 5/16/2017, went dead on me around 10/4/17. Went back to WALMART on 10/05/17, to return the bad battery (wouldn't hold a charge and dead) for a replacement and they said they couldn't do it, because it was after their 90 day period for to bring in defective or return policy. They even tested the battery and said it was bad.

They said I have to get hold of EVERSTART and deal with them on the warranty issue for my battery. So be careful on any product that has a warranty on them, WALMART wouldn't honor it, if brought in after 90 days.


Exact same thing happened to me except it's for my truck which has two batteries, they looked it up and it said they were not eligible for refund. Said the only time they see this is when they have already been returned.

I did not return them I had interstate batteries which came with the truck, I took those back later for the core charge.

This was in Nov 2015 13 months ago. If that had been true what difference would it make anyway I have only had these two batteries for a year


Best advice is to place a rubber mat under your battery. It will last for about 10 years +.

No hassle.

Walmart are crooks.

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #1228080

I just had to replace a maxx at Walmart in Lafayette Louisiana. Bought it January 2015 +post was loose with a dead cell October 2016.

I got a FREE replacement BUT the warranty starts the day you buy the 1st battery. That made no sense to me but I did get a free replacement battery.

Sounds like Walmart has a regional replacement policy. Hmmmm


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When you do not have a reciept, you only have three months. Even with a receipt it is free REPLACEMENT, not refund.

Keep your reciept. It is not that hard.

to Anonymous #1230952

Wrong not all batteries are 3 months but 3 month batteries are lawn and garden, and some Marine batteries. The other batteries have serial numbers to record tje daye of sale and warranty is based off that.

to Anonymous #1412989

Walmart is the worst supplier for automotive items, their warranties are false,

Had the same issue with battery warranty, will never buy auto equipment from them again!

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