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I have a less then 2 yr-old Everstart Walmart car battery. It died, and after spending more than an hour at Walmart customer service and talking to 2 managers, I still don't have a replacement, even though it's marked as a Walmart battery, says 2 year free replacement on it, and is marked with the manufacture date of 12/15.

Anywhere else, they see it's their battery, look at the date on the battery, and you're out of there in 5 minutes. Here, they can't find the serial number in their computer, so that's the customer's fault, and they won't do anything. All I know is that I bought a Walmart battery thinking it would be easy to do the warranty, and it's been sitting in my tractor for the almost 2 years until it died. Walmart management just looks at their computer, and screw the customer.

Do now I have a core to take to a reputable battery dealer, that does honor warranties. NO MORE WALMART ANYTHING THAT HAS A WARRANTY WITH IT!@!! Actually, that was my 2nd attempt at a 2nd Walmart. At the first one, the assistant manager said that they don't do battery replacements, and the warranty is from Everstart, and you have to call their 800 number and get a voucher.

I told him that didn't make any sense, and when I called Everstart, they confirmed that the replacement has to be done at Walmart [if you can], and there is no such thing as a voucher for a bad battery. So 2 wasted trips to Walmart: first because of incompetent management giving wrong information, and secondly because of incompetent management not honoring their warranty that is printed right on their battery.

Product or Service Mentioned: Everstart Car Battery.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Preferred solution: Honor the warranty printed on the product!!.

Walmart Pros: Walmart was ok prior to this, Good selection of products at good prices.

Walmart Cons: Idiotic policies, Being lied to or the condescending attitude of the manager, Did not honor warranty printed right on battery, If thier system had problems the customer is wrong, Bad customer service.

  • Don t Buy Walmart Car Batteries
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I had a similar issue with Walmart. They refused the warranty because I didn’t have a receipt even though it was well within the time from manufacture date on the battery.

Called Walmart support while I was in the store and they told the clerk it was ok. Clerk then scans the serial number and says it can’t be done because the battery was already a replacement. I was so upset I left and bought a battery elsewhere. I late complained to Walmart.

The store manager called and offered something but I never called back. Not worth the hassle.Do not buy From Walmart expecting them to honor a warranty.


I work at a Walmart Auto Care Center(formerly called Tire and Lube Express). We do a lot of battery returns and exchanges.

I have never heard of getting a warranty voucher, going through EverStart, etc. Your battery should have the serial number right on top, which when scanned should show the exact sale date. You don't even have to have your receipt. If the battery is within the warranty period, we scan it, you sign, we give you a new one.

My suggestion is that you take your battery back to the store and get someone who knows what they are doing(possibly the ACC Manager).

Make sure you do the return at the Auto Care Center, not customer service. Jim