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On November 30, 2015 I checked the walmart site and saw a visio E70-series 70 inch full-array led smart tv advertised at $ 898.00 it indicated that it is out of stock. I went to your store in Laguna Niguel, California and asked for a raincheck so that when you received this tv I could purchase it at the offered price.

I was given a long BS story of how you do not offer rain checks and that was a sister company, etc etc. The store was nice enough to call walmart .com and I spoke with a party their who told me that when the above tv comes into stock they would not sell it at that price for all your internal BS reasons that make no sense as the product is offered at that price. I was then forwarded to a supervisor and more and more BS as to how you do business. However, as honorable persons you should honor the price you advertise and if you do not have sufficient stock why do you feel I should be penalized.

I have never heard of a store that would not offer a rain check for a product that was out of stock. For years this has been called BAIT AND SWITCH. When in the store I was encouraged to upgrade to the M- series for over $ 700.00 more. I am a walmart stock holder and am very disgruntled regarding this manner of doing business.

Honorable business people do not operate in this manner and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I will expect an apology and a correction as no one seems to be empowered to make an honorable decision in your company. As a stock holder and consumer I am enfuriated and do not expect to let this matter die.

Reason of review: lack of honor of advertised price.

Preferred solution: Honor your advertised price of $ 898.00 and provide me with a rain check for this item.

Walmart Cons: I expect an honorable company to honor there advertised price, Advertised price.

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When Wal-mart offers an an online sale item, it is a while supplies last kind of sale. That would be why wal-mart and other retailers like them would not offer a rain-check on special sale items. They would lose a great deal of money if they did business that way.


As an avid consumer alike I can understand why you would want to revieve a rain check, but as I have previously worked in retail I understand why they would not honor that price. They were selling that tv at a lower price for a certain period of time until the tv's were sold out as the first come first served sort of scenario goes.

Because they were out of stock they were no longer going to sell that tv at the same price you saw it at as the price would have increased at the time they were in stock. Though as a business and an with an online purchase they would not sell that tv to you at that price past its out of stock/sale date because if they did it for one customer they would have to do it for all the customers ultimately making them little to no profit which is not worth it in a business perspective.