Killeen, Texas

I went to Walmart in Temple Texa to Christmas shop and there was no Christmas music and I was offended. Now do something about it so I can Christmas shop without been offended. The Athests have their Christmas music playing which is nothing and it offends me.

I said Merry Christmas to the greeter and he looked at me like I was Christian and said nothing. That Offends me. So now I can't go Christmas shopping a Walmart this year.

Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year.

Joseph Pishner

4954 Lakeaire Circle

Temple, TX. 76502

Phone, 254.986.2221

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They don't play Eminem music either and that offends me. I asked the manager about it, and he said people complained because they heard a few swear words. Well I said fudge that.


If you're really that pissed about Walmart not playing music then you really need to reevaluate your life. Not everyone is Christian and its "Christians" like you that give religion a bad rep. Stop *** about if a store is playing annoying and repetitive Christmas music and do something that actually helps people because they is bigger problems in the world than Walmart not playing *** Christmas music.


Not everyone is Christian I agree, but the people coming the US are coming to a Christian originated country. If they want to live in our country they should not force us to change our customs because they are offended.

We should have every right to listen to our Christmas music. If they don't celebrate Christmas themselves they have two choices. Deal with listening to Christmas music, or don't shop during the month of December. That simple.

We as Americans are letting these immigrants change our life style and live the way they want. While it is a free country to practice any religions, we should be allowed to play Christmas songs when they are guests in our country.


Places open to the public shouldn't be forced to play Christmas music if they don't want to. And in this situation it's probably not Walmart saying "we don't want to play this music" the writer of this article probably just went into Walmart on a day that the radio either wasn't working or was just shut off for some reason.

And just because our country was mainly founded on Christain values doesn't mean we have to shove it down everyone else's throats which is why our government came up with the separation of church and state so we don't force a certain religion on our people and the people that come to this country. Again, there's way more important things in life than if Walmart is playing Christmas music or not.


I don't think you read that reply properly from anonymous. He or she is not saying that we should shove the Christian religion down everyone's throats.

He or she is saying that when people come to the US they should not make demands such as we don't celebrate Christmas so we should not be subjected to Christmas music. That is what I got, and probably what people who read beyond a second grade reading level got as well. Greeters have been written up or warned about wishing Merry Christmas to non celebrators. About five or six years ago because of a few people complaining Walmart stopped playing Christmas music.

If the radio was simply broken than there would be no music playing. If you could read beyond a second grade level you would see this.

Again he or she is not suggesting that we shove the Christian religion down their throats, he is simply saying that these people should not force us to stop playing Christmas music. Reread the post several times so you understand it before replying.


It is all these non Americans who come here that have a problem with Christmas music. They don't think that we should be allowed to celebrate our holidays.

Well guess what, must Americans celebrate Christmas.

Don't like it. Go back to your own *** country.


Well telling them to go to their country is a bit much. But we allow them to practice their religion and they should not be complaining about Christmas music.

A greeter got written up for wishing one of these people Merry Christmas. The person complained because they don't celebrate Christmas and found it offensive.


Yep. Same here in Greenwood, S.C.

No Christmas Music. So sad. So I just whistled while I shopped.

The next day I heard/saw someone else doing the same thing... we'll make our own music!


Yeh, we have the same problem up here in Canada, North Vancouver Walmart. I have complained and so far there has been no response.

Yup, I'm insulted that there is no Christmas music being played at Walmart as well around Christmas time.

That is just wrong and it's Christmas time. I'm going to shop a Superstore and I told Walmart that in my email.

Merry Christmas everyone


Stores and other public places should not play any music. It is not needed and annoys people who do not want to hear somebody else's taste in music imposed on them.

No music is the the only "one size fits all" music that pleases everybody. Not being annoyed by someone else's idea of music is the way to please everybody. Must have music?

Bring your iPod and ear buds. Can the canned music!


if they played christmas mucis all the blacks would complain that they are racist and cater to white custoemrs


That has to be one of the most foolish comments on here. Many blacks celebrate Christmas as well. While some of them do play the race card this is not what the review is about.


??????? You may be offended, but you sure don't make sense.

P.S. You could shop somewhere else.


Wow this is positively the biggest waste of time I have ever seen. You complain that walmart does not play Christmas music and since you feel that it has something to do with those people who do not believe in god, the most beloved songs like White Christmas says nothing of god or the birth of Christ just petty holiday give me ***. This is a sign from god, DO NOT SHOP AT WALMART!


dude,wal-marts don't play music anymore.GET USED TO it!!It's only christmas music,GROW UP AND QUIT YOUR CRYING!!


dude you are a *** ***


What a joke, If this is the biggest peave you have in your life , you really need to get a hobby. Go buy your self one of them sissy gopeds and drive it around in your skirt :grin


I love Chistmas music! There are many stores that don't play it anymore, I miss it, but thats O.K.

I am happy enough during the holidays to be able to hum it as I shop......

But then again I must have fallen out of a disney movie and I'm sure I probably ****rainbows all year long! That's just me!!


really you need to get a life or a IPod or like device.


I guess we're even. "Christians" and their self righteous attitude greatly offend me. I'm ecstatic they don't play christmas music.