Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Not resolved

Due to a mix up at their warehouse, they sent me a wrong item twice, so I returned it. On 01/04/12, I received an email from them stating that they had received my return item.

On 1/11/12, their customer representative told me that I would be refunded in 2-3 business days. (My payment method is credit card.) It is 3/24/12 and I have still not been refunded. I have checked with my bank to see if their procedures were causing a delay, any I've been informed that no refund has been made since January. It is order # 2677001310242, if anyone from Walmart is here.

An initial refund was made back in October, but then they charged my payment method again. It is for this second charge that I am asking for the refund for, because they have the item and they do not have the right to keep my money for something I do not have!

I have contacted them several times about this issue but I never got an answer other than that they will contact me on the matter...and they never do. Do I need to contact a legal advisor to make them do their job?

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