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Walmart :18551 N. 83rd Ave. Glendale, AZ 85308


Do they believe in customer service? Should we expect to be treated like criminals and without respect just because they have lower prices? Is this what we should expect all the time: *** customer service in return for lower prices?

African American, Assistant Manager named Shay doesn't believe in Customer Service and lacks people skills.

Here's what happened :

I was in the Fabric department. I had already waited 20 minutes for a sweet older lady to finish up the ONE and ONLY customer ahead of me. The customer had over 20 rolls of material that needed to be cut. I asked other employees if they could cut it for me. BUT, of course, no one could help...They all had excuses.

So, I asked to speak to a manager. That's when ASM Shay came up to me with major attitude. I told her the story and asked if the lady could cut my ONE cut, then carry on with the 10,000 cuts the other lady wanted.

SHAY:NO, that is the rule. She has to finish one customer before she goes to the next event if it takes ALL night.

ME: But I only need one cut.

SHAY: It doesn't matter, that's the rule. You're gonna have to wait.

ME: Can you cut me one yard, please?

SHAY: NO. You're gonna have to wait for her.

ME: Can one of the other employees cut it for me.

SHAY: NO. No one can do it. Only her. She's the ONLY one in that department.

Then I was in the middle of asking her why nobody could come to help her with so many employees in the store. BUT, She cut me off. We were both talking at the same time.

ME: Hold on, hold on, l am not done talking!

SHAY: GET OUT. Get out of my store. Leave right now. Get out of my store.

AND, she walked away. I was shocked!!! I would understand getting such treatment if I was yelling at her, speaking with curse words or being mean to her. BUT, I was being professional with her.

Another employee walked by while I was still waiting for the older lady. I asked him for Shay's name. She came back with an nasty attitude.

SHAY: My name is Shay. Our managers phone number is up in the front go get it if you want.

I wonder if this "*** you, Customer" attitude is coming from the top and rolling down to the employees who deal with the customers on a daily basis or is this just a personal issue with certain employees?

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Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #824556

The manager broke the law and needs to be arrested, it is illegal and dangerous for her to kick a five year old such as yourself out of the store without a parent or guardian present. When you threw that temper tantrum because you did not get your way the manager should not have kicked you out of the store, she should have asked for your mommy or daddy's name and had them deal with you.

How do I know that you are five years old, for one you think the world revolves around you, and two you don't think you should wait your turn, you think they should just allow you to cut in line. I seriously doubt that you are telling the whole truth here, and you are leaving some things out of the conversation. You would not have been kicked out of the store if you really were polite, you must have said something or done something to get kicked out.

Either way they had no right to kick a five year old out of the store without an adult. They should have called one of your parents to teach you to be patient and that the world does not revolve around you.

Benton, Kentucky, United States #824487

That lady in front of you who was getting fabric cut got there BEFORE YOU! She probably could have let you go in front of her.

But she got there first. It's first come, first serve. Also, not every employee is trained to cut fabric. Those telxons you see the floor associates carrying?

They have certain options on them.

You only have certain options under your log in handle and that includes cutting fabric. It is used to determine the price and place a tag for the cashier.


You were being an a-hole. You have to wait your turn.

You can't just skip or go ahead of someone just because you feel like your transaction is going to be quick. That's not how it works. Next time go to the store when you have patience.

I can't understand why people always complain about lines and etc yet it's Walmart for goodness sakes. What more do you expect?

Tampa, Florida, United States #822105

I work at Walmart in the photo department and while I am happy to cut fabric for customers when there is no one available in that department, there is nothing no one can do for a customer who just doesn't want to wait their turn. Learn some patience and respect for others. It will be good for your soul, I promise.

Tampa, Florida, United States #821589

Seriously. It's first come first serve.

If they fabrics table was occupied by another customer, then even if there was another associate to cut the fabric what did you expect them to do?

Cut your fabric on the floor? I sew a lot and buy a lot of fabric at a time and personally if there is someone waiting behind me I'll let them go ahead of me, but that is up to the customer, not the employee


Not every employee in the store can cut fabric and with only one fabric table, where did you expect to have your your fabric cut? The floor or the register?

Ive seen people standing in line waiting to get checked out at the register when a customer with a couple of items would step up to the counter and expect to be rung up without waiting because she had only a few items. She was sent to the back of the line. Why do you think you should get special treatment? Im sure the conversation between you and the manager didn't go as you said.

I find it funny how customers swear up and down that they talked very calmly and the employees/managers were just so rude for no reason. Yeah right! You probably got on your high horse and demanded that she make someone cut your one piece of fabric right then or else. Hence, she asked you to leave the store.

Get over yourself, you are no better than anybody else. Wait your turn like real grown ups do.

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #824557

Since the customer is obviously five years old(from her attitude and behavior) the manager had no right to ask her to leave the store. As a matter of fact she broke the law, the Adam Walsh Law does not allow anyone under the age of 14 to be asked to leave a store without a parent or guardian.

Orlando, Florida, United States #821335

I only need ONE cut! I should be allowed in the front of the line because it's just ONE cut.

I get what you're saying about having someone else cut the fabric, but first if I'm in electronics and I have shelves to stock I do not have time to cut fabric in crafts. Second while I am cutting your fabric the person ahead of you now has to wait, how is that fair?


I bet the lady in front of you wasn't getting 10,000 cuts of fabric from the over 20 bolts(not rolls) as you referred to them. I would be willing to bet WalMart doesn't even have 10,000 bolts of fabric in the store.

It also wasn't necessary for you to make reference to the manager being an African American, that has absolutely nothing to do with your complaint. In fact right there your complaint loses credibility. Most of the WalMarts that I have been in only have one place to measure and cut fabric, so in other words the other customer would have had to move all of her bolts of fabric just so you could hurry up and get out of there. If you were in such a rush, you could have left the store and went someplace else to get your fabric, but instead you chose to stay there and create a huge stink.

You got out of line when you told her to quit talking because you weren't done.

Who do you think you are----Judge Judy? She tells people similar things quite often.

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