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Almost a month and still no laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!03/21/2012

I ordered this laptop as part of the "tax time laptop bundle" on February 28, 2012 and its March 21, 2012 and I still don't have it!!!!!! I chose the "site to store option".

I've called about five times and I keep getting the run around! The "customer service" representatives do a horrible job at hiding the fact that they don't care and cant wait to get off of the phone and its obvious that they are being coached by their superiors on what to say due to them constantly asking to put me on hold. Walmart should just replace these people with robots! I was told over a week ago that the laptop had been "misplaced" in transit and that a replacement order was made.

Last night's operators told me that the laptop was at the store in a semi-truck trailer being unloaded and I could stop by and get it. When I arrived at the store and explained my situation a manager was called in to inform me that it was impossible to get the box and I would have to wait till today to get it! It's now 11AM and I still havent gotten an email confirming that the laptop is ready for pickup!!!!!! I've even gone as far as to ask to replace the laptop with something of equal or greater value (reparations) that would be available at the store for immediate pickup and I was refused.

Instead I was given a 10$ credit to the card I used to make the purchase. TO LITTLE TO LATE! I've waited so long that its not even worth canceling the order now. If walmart cared at all they would get me the laptop and refund me at least 50% of the purchase price!

This is just another example of an American company that is to big to fail and DOESNT CARE ABOUT ITS CUSTOMERS!

There is no real accountability in place and the people that are in a position to rectify situations like this just cower behind layer after layer of automated phone systems and drone like employees who act as human shields. I WILL NEVER ORDER OR PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM WALMART AGAIN!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

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Go to Best Buy for a laptop, whiner.


You cannot tell them to reduce the price by 50 percent. Frankly you sound like a beggar and they don't want your money so not returning is a bonus to you and them.


calm down, you little pansy.

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