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I have three kids, and I just had my last one.A child support order was just recently placed on one of my kids fathers and I am already receiving child support from the other one.

I went into Walmart recently and they denied my food stamps because of the new support order. I haven't even received my check yet. I couldn't even buy enough food for my kids because of it. They didn't seem to care either.

Unless you are rich and have a lot of money to spend on their *** goods, I wouldn't go to Walmart. Go to Family Dollar or your local grocery store, especially if you reveive welfare or wic.

I now have to go back to this Walmart to retreive my food stamp card that I threw at the cashier and manager lady before I stormed out of there this morning.That was wrong I know, but I was soooooo PISSED!!


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Colton, California, United States #562847

My opinion is that I see ur frustration.In the bible it says in the last days there will be hard times.

Its just sad that ppl now and days don't knw how hard it is to get by. All they do is judge the poor. Now the government is spending taxt dollers not only on the ppl...wich god all gave us access to the earth and man want to steal our rights. The government takes tax dollers and spends it on other un important things and ppl complain on helping the poor??

That's *** up. Everyone here is wrong! God will judge me an all of you! If this lady is wrong for being who she is than all of u are being verbally abusive.

And abuse is a crime!

Greedy *** america!Then u wonder why the rest of the world hates the us.


"It is not Wal-Marts fault that your food stamps weren't on your card, so don't blame them, go back to DHS office and find out why it was not put on your card. What kind of person blames Wal-Mart for a DHS problem. Psyco...."

The same kind who goes around playing "rock the castle" with every man she sees ad does not bother getting their names so she can get child support from them in case she gets pregnant while playing "rock the castle."

Also with her anger, I wonder if she beats the children. Seriously throwing things at cashiers because of something that is not the stores fault and then storming out of the store. It is lucky that she has not beaten any of her children to death in a fit of anger.


Instead of wasting your valuable time by writing these reviews, I would suggest that you spend the time instead to search for a job. There are jobs out there, you may not like them, but at least you will have the ability to support yourself and your children.

I do not mind my tax dollars going towards someone who is currently unemployed but is actively looking for work, but it is an entirely different story when my tax dollars are going to someone who feels as though they are entitled to everything.

I would suggest you to stop having children until you have the means to support them.

Also, it is not Wal-Mart's fault that your transaction was denied. You need to contact your local welfare company. You are taking out your frustration on the wrong party.


I have to agree with the others on this one.Walmart is not at fault, for your food stamp card not having enough on it.

It is your responsibility to take care of your children not the tax payers. Economy is bad!

However, there are jobs out there.You need to put some effort in to finding one.


They don't get paid enough to care about your personal life.Leave them alone.

Walmart and their employees can do absolutely nothing for you in this situation.I hope they threw your card in the garbage for your foul attitude.


It is not Wal-Marts fault that your food stamps weren't on your card, so don't blame them, go back to DHS office and find out why it was not put on your card. What kind of person blames Wal-Mart for a DHS problem. Psyco....


Lea, too bad that you can't take care of a kid or your "husband" so you don't have a right to give advice. so shut up.


Keep your legs closed if you cannot afford to take care of yourself first before having any children. I can easily figure out why your poor and struggling...


That should be v@g*na.

Thanks for making that clear, I thought it was a$$.


I am with the others on this one.You have responsibility if you have children.

The father(or fathers in this case)should pay child support, but you have your share of responsibilities as well for your children.You shouldn't have children until you have a means to support them.

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