Des Moines, Iowa

I have multiple disabilities. I generally don't complain about this but Wal-Mart really upset me.

I tried to talk with customer services. I wanted to buy just 1 TV that would be affordable for me on tonight's sale. I at night due to cataracts, and should not be out in the cold due to having bypass surgery on both my legs twice and now they are failing and having had 5x heart by pass, plus I wear braces and have a spinal cord injury. The Wal-Mart customer service person told me "she understood but there is nothing I can do." No, I don't think she understands.

I told her I would give her my credit card number, pick it up tomorrow as it was not offered online at that price.

She refused to help me. So for those of you that disabilities or a member of your family that has a disability, I would think about this before taking your business to Wal-Mart.

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She would have been fired for takeing you credit card number.


The rules for the special sales for Black Friday apply equally to all. You would have the same experience at ANY retailer.

First come, first serve. These limited time sales CANNOT at any reason be help for anyone to purchase... That would violate consumer laws and FTC advertising regulations. If what you're saying is true, anyone could call and claim hardship.

We are all for your plight and are very sensitive to people with disabilities.

There are, though, PLENTY of online deals available to you. You do not have to venture outside the home.


I understand where you are coming from, but you would probably benefit from doing the black friday sales online. You can get great deals online and never have to leave your house.

If Walmart, or any black friday retailer, made an exception for you, they would have to for everyone. Plus it is against store policy to hold on to your credit card number, that is just asking for trouble.